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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Cactus Monday...Succulent BBQ

My girlfriend called me last week and told me that her neighbor was moving. She was going to have a yard sale for her and saw that she had a bunch of potted succulents. Sooooo would I be interested in coming over and taking a look.
Of course I am. Remember, I am the succulent hoarder. So I jumped in the car and within 5 minutes I was at her house. The lady was very neglectful of her plants. They were all root bound in their pots and hadn't been watered in months. I think at one time she must have loved them very much but she is down on her luck and having to move. Her backyard had weeds up to your knees and beyond with trash everywhere. It was sad.
But one treasure I did find was a little BBQ that she had made into a succulent planter. The only thing left alive was an echeveria 'black prince' and a type of sedum I don't have the name of. So I took it home and added new soil, plants and rocks and Yay!

Succulent BBQ

It even has a little rack on the bottom so I can put a potted plant.
I finally got a new camera. I decided on a Olympus E-Pl2. I am having a lot of fun with it and it takes awesome shots. It has a lot of fun features also like different filters. The shot above was taken with the Pop art filter.

No Grillin Allowed

I planted quite a few succulents together. So hopefully they will do well together! I kept the Echeveria black prince in the middle and the unidentified sedum to the upper right hand corner. But I added (starting in front middle and going clockwise) sempervivum, Adromischus cristatus 'Key Lime Pie', Graptoveria 'Opalina', Ripple Jade Crassula, Crassula platyphylla 'burgundy', Aloe variegata 'Partridge Breast', Kalanchoe millotii, Crassula Clavata and Haworthia Scabra.

We had a really freaky lightening and thunder storm yesterday. And then it hailed like crazy. I went outside and checked out my succulents today and a lot of them have damage. Not too bad but weird spots and dents all over them. They will come back.

Hope everyone has a great week! Happy Cactus Monday!

It's Another Beautiful Day!