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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crazy names & Mislabeled Succulents (HELP)

When I was a kid my Mom always got my sister's and my name mixed up! Did that ever happen to you? I am Candy and my sister's name is Cindy. So you can see right off the bat where that would be a problem. So she would get all mad and this is how she would call for me, " Cindy, I mean Candy (getting madder and louder), or should I say Beulah and Queenie! You know who you are, get over here!" If she got that far we ran fast to get there. I was grateful I was Beulah and my sister was Queenie. Not sure why but it didn't sound as haughty. My sister is 8 1/2 years older than me so I thought she was surely the Queen. Hee hee! And my Mom....she was really a hoot!

Now how does this apply to succulents? It drives me crazy when I get home with a lovely batch of beautiful succulents and find that some have been mislabeled and now I have one that has the correct name and another that I have to search for. The guy (sorry don't know name) at Spiky obcession blogged about the same situation. Great blog by the way! We have to drag out our books, search the internet or ask our lovely succulent friends for help. So here I am asking for Help.


So I know the plant on the left is Pig's Ear but the plant on the right I don't have a name. Any ideas?

Cotyledon orbiculata 'Pigs Ear'

Here is a better view of the Pig's ear. Isn't it magnificent. I love the red edges!

What is the name of this strange succulent?

Here is the unnamed culprit. Very interesting succulent. Long fleshy leaves that come to a point. And each point has a reddish tip.
Since I wrote this post my buddy Gerhard at Bamboo and More came up with the name of this plant. It is called Cotyledon orbiculata var oblonga flanagani. Yeah for Gerhard. You should check out his wonderful Garden blog. He is really getting into succulents lately and besides that has a wonderful garden and great advice.

Give us a kiss!

Here is another succulent that looks to be mislabeled. It says it is Lemaireocereus pruinosus. But when I look that up on google it shows it to look a bit different and be gray. This cannot be correct. And cactus I find are the hardest for me to identify! So again I am asking for Help!

Now that we went down the unnamed/mislabeled mystery label lets see some succulents with outrageously long or weird names!

Rechsteineria leucotricha

This little beauty with the large leaves is call Rechsteineria leucotricha. How's that for a mouth full. It is a native plant from Brazil. Underneath the leaves is a bulb. It holds the water for this succulent plant. When it blooms the flowers are light red and tube shaped.

Crazy Octopus Succulent

So as I was looking through my strange named plants I found this goofy looking succulent. And wouldn't you know it was mislabeled! I can't believe I found another one. This kind of stuff drives me crazy. Maybe I should call it Beulah! Hahahaha!

Another wonderful friend this time from Flickr found out the name on the above succulent. It is called Avonia quinaria subsp. alstonii. It is from South Africa. I still think I am going to call it Beulah though!

Star Cactus

Now this succulent has a weird name and a bunch of other names. It's real name is Astrophytum asterias. Say that three times really fast. It is also called a Star Cactus, Sand dollar cactus and Star Peyote. It is originally from Texas and is very endangered. No one is allowed to dig these up from the native soil. Please make sure that if you purchase one of these that it was started by seed. This will discourage poaching.

Ok let me know if your Mom called you a goofy name. I bet everyone has a crazy name their Mom called them when she was mad! LOL

Have a great week!

It's Another Beautiful Day!