Saturday, September 17, 2016

Succulent Extravaganza 2016

Holy cow Candy is writing a blog post.  Where have I been and what have I been doing?  Well, lots of health problems and family issues have kept me away.  It's really tough to work in your garden when your back constantly hurts.  We have tried lots of different treatments and are still working on it.

But that is enough about me.  Let's talk about the 6th Annual Succulent Extravaganza being held at Succulent Gardens in Castroville, Ca on Friday September 23 and Saturday the 24th.

The theme this year is Succulents in Situ.  As you know succulents originate from all over the world.  There are very few continents where you will not find succulents of some type.  So I can't wait to see how Succulent Gardens is going to incorporate this theme in their landscaping.

Here is some information on the event:

I hope you can read all the important information.  Make sure you bring a refillable waterbottle.  They will have large containers of water where you can fill up your bottle.  You will need it.

This is a photo from last year.  I love this grouping of hybrid Echeveria's designed by Julia Bell.

Agave Blue Flame and Agave Blue glow.  I took this photo so you could see how pretty the Blue glow is when back lit.

This is a map for you.  You can go to this site at Succulent Gardens and download the information sheet and this map here.

Below are more photos from past events:

Laura Balaoro will be there with a table dedicated to the Succulent Fanatics on Facebook.  So all you Fanatics out there bring a potting or whatever you can think of with succulents in situ.  Curious to see what people come up with.  As for me.........I can't think of anything as of yet.

This is Agave Mr. Ripple taken a couple of years ago.  Wonder what it will look like today?

I think I took this photo in 2011.  I think that was the first Extravaganza.  Wish I had bought it.  Make sure you look around in the retail area.  They have so much neat stuff for you to take home.

This is a shot of just part of the Succulent Fanatics table.  Front and center is the beautiful display by my good friend Noreen Fenton.  I love how she re purposed this silver setting.

This is just a small section of the retail area.  The following two photos are a couple of vignettes set up for sale and beautiful interest!

Oh my check out that Donkey tail sedum.  What a beautiful specimen.

Wouldln't you love to sit here and read a book.  I love this Adirondack chair.  And the color just pops and duplicates some of the yellow in the variegated Pony tail palms sitting next to it.

Now that I have peaked your interest and I going to see you there?  I hope so.

It's Another Beautiful Day!


michaele said...

Just want to commiserate about your back ailments. It always seems so ruefully unfair to be fortunate enough to have a passionate interest in life and then have one's body develop a glitch so one can't fully follow the passion. You're obviously a person of great energy who likes to give 110% to a project and get things done. Hope you find the right balance of treatment and doable work load.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thank you so much Michaele. You are so right! Thanks for commenting.

Rock rose said...

I think one year I will have to make a special trip out there just for this show. Green with envy.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you had health issues but i am so glad you are posting again.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!