Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Time For The Succulent Celebration 2015

Next Wednesday I head out in my blue Subaru on my annual solo trip to Southern California.  I am so excited.  I'm on my way to the annual Succulent Celebration at Waterwise Botanicals in Escondido, CA.  It's on Friday June 5th and Saturday the 6th.  Speakers, vendors, food, workshops and let's not forget succulents!  Who could ask for a better couple of days!

This year I was asked to do a workshop in making succulent hats.  Now I didn't think of this idea originally.  That honor goes to Succulent Fanatic founder and Master Gardener Laura Balaoro.   But last year I made a succulent hat and someone liked it so much she bought it.  So the owners of Waterwise noticed and decided to ask me to have a workshop.  I am very honored!


If you click on the link above for Succulent Celebration you can sign up for the workshop.  We will have a blast!

I will be staying with my good friend Debra Lee Baldwin.  She has completely re done her back garden and I can't wait to see it.  She will be speaking both days of the Celebration and I will be the videographer.  You will get lots of education and go home with great ideas from the different speakers.  You don't want to miss one day.  But if you can't go don't worry I will give you a full report.


There will be lot's of vendors at the event.  This is a beautiful pot by Laura Eubanks of the Fat Plant Co.  Cindy Davison of the Succulent Perch will be there and also doing a workshop.  Plus many other great artists.


Tom Jesch owner of Waterwise obviously giving some sage and funny advice to Debra before her presentation.


Potting completed!  Maybe this year I will come home with more pots than plants since I have so many!  The Madd Potter has a booth with lot's of great pots!


So much to see and buy!  Make sure you search me out.  I will have a succulent hat on and pink hair in the back.


This gorgeous creation was done by Katie Christensen.


  So many plants to buy and incredible variety.  Make sure you stroll way back of the property to see things to purchase that may not be up front!  There will be helpful guys with wagons ready to take your heavy plants!  No need to strain yourself!

Oh and they will have AIR CONDITIONED BATHROOMS!  And plenty of free water to drink.   And this is so appreciated by all the folks!  Such thoughtful people at Waterwise!


Here is a beautiful visor creation by Succulent Fanatic Shirley Kost-Haskell!  Bring a visor if you want to the workshop as we can make this work!  With all creations their will be some drying time but by the time the day is over you should be able to get it home and wear.

Now this is a FREE event so I really hope I see you there!

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More) said...

I so wish I could go but the Succulent Celebration is always close to our family vacation time. But soon the kids will be in college and then I'll be able to attend. Take lots of photos!

Laura Balaoro said...

Soon Gerhard. Enjoy them while you can. This is always going to be here waiting for you. Great blog Candy. I am always excited when it comes to events like this. Seeing many of my garden friends.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thanks! Wish you could go Gerhard but I am with Laura, enjoy this time while you can. Soon they will be all grown up.

Opal Brant said...

Beautiful designs! I'm in love with the painted pot and the succulents designed in it. Succulents are always a great idea and a beautiful addition to the garden and to each room in the house. Love the idea for decorating a hat too. Thank you for this article!