Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day and Plant of the Week

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Maybe today go out and pick up some trash.  If we all did this you would be amazed at the difference.  It's also a great day to visit a garden and just stop and smell the roses!  Our Earth is so special let's take care of it!

I wanted to show you the great plant I got at GROW!  It's called Euphorbia stenoclada.  It comes from Madagascar.  It's also known as Stiver Thicket.  If grown outside in the right climate, 10a through 11 it get's really tall and thick.  It can grow like a tree.  It wants full sun so it looks like I will be moving it when transplanting.  But it won't like the cold so this may be an inside plant in the winter.  

Euphorbia stenoclada

Euphorbia stenoclada (2)

Isn't it cool!  Here is a closer shot of the pokey branches!

Hope your day was fantastic!

It's Another Beautiful Day!

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