Friday, November 7, 2014

Crash And a Little of This

In the last post I show'd you how to make Succulent pumpkins.  And it was really fun being on Good Day Sacramento.  My week started off great but then bang.  And I mean bang!  I was on my way to my back doctor.  I had just gotten an iced tea from McDonalds and was waiting to pull out on a main street.  All of a sudden I felt like a rag doll whipped back and forward.  Someone in a truck had come behind me and his foot slipped off the brake and hit the gas.  I was rear ended!

I took photos with my phone and we exchanged information.  He kept saying how sorry he was.  Really, he was such a nice man.  And I understand how accidents can happen.  But I can't help from from being (sorry to say) pissed off.  I drove home, called the insurance company and then my son came to get me and take me to Urgent Care.  Thank goodness my front yard project is 90% finished.  Because I will be laid up for a while.

Just had to let you all know what was happening.  I went out and took a couple of shots here and there.  I am working on a big post about my front yard re-do.  But wanted to say hi!

Agave lophantha v. quadricolor 3

This is one of two large Agave lophantha v. quadricolor that are in my new bed!  Don't you love these.  When I took this one out of it's pot it had 17 babies.  I will be planting these all over as I love the color they add.

Little vignette

A little vignette in my new front planter.  This is an experiment.

Euphorbia mauritanica

I have a couple of these planted now and they do great in the hot sun.  We will see how they handle the cold.  It's Euphorbia mauritanica.  Also called the Pencil Milk bush.  Dave's Garden says it's good in my area!

Pots in my rock wall

I was really inspired by Julia Bell at the Succulent Extravaganza.  There are 3 of these pots built into rock walls I built.

Graptoveria Fred Ives

The nights are getting colder and some succulents are getting great stress colors.  Like this Graptoveria Fred Ives.

Echeveria Mahogany Rose

This Echeveria Mahogany Rose is duplicating like crazy!  I love it and it loves my garden.

Echeveria Coral Glow

This Echeveria Coral Glow is right next to the Mahogany Rose.  They really like each other's company.  Don't you love the variation on the leave color.

Cylindropuntia spp. Mini Cholla 3

I transplanted this Cylindropuntia spp. Mini Cholla from a location near a walkway.  I don't know what I was thinking in the first place putting it there.  But now it is out of the way.

Aloe Viper

Now I'm going to share some cool new aloes with you.  This is Aloe Viper.  It is a Kelly Griffin hybrid.  Love the texture of the leaves.  And the bumps are a different color.

Aloe rudikope hyb. 'Little Gem' bloom

I was feeling artistic when I took this photo of the bloom of Aloe rudikope hyb. 'Little Gem'.

Aloe rudikope hyb. 'Little Gem' 2

Here is the whole plant.  Aloe rudikope hyb. 'Little Gem' is a happy plant.  I have three of these and got them at Waterwise Botanicals.  They multiply, stay smallish and flower a lot.

Aloe Coral Fire 1

Here is another Kelly Griffin hybrid called Aloe Coral Fire.  Isn't she gorgeous!  Check out the leaf edges.

Aloe Coral Fire 3

Coral Fire has a bloom.  Can't wait to see how it develops.

Okey dokey.  Hope everyone is well.  I'm going to start working on my next post.  Details of the front yard redo.

Until then:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Jess said...

Sorry to hear about your accident! Wishing you a quick recovery.

Loved all your aloe pics... They look so healthy and happy!

Sunwriter7 said...

Oh, Candy Bear, your photos are gorgeous, each one better than the last! I hope you feel better real soon.

Carol Russell said...

Hope you heal quickly, and thank you so much for all your great pictures and plant names here and on Pinterest. I always feel better after taking pics of our garden buddies (plants, birds, frogs). Life is good. Carol Russell

Pam/Digging said...

So sorry to hear about the accident. Back injuries are the worst. Your new plants are looking great though! Especially the Echeveria Mahogany Rose - wow.

michaele said...

As anxious as you are to happily return to physical endeavors, take your time 'cause chronic back troubles are a real pain (literally and figuratively).
Those Kelly Griffin hybrids are gorgeous. Could you share a little info on whether or not letting an aloe bloom diminishes its vitality? Thanks.

Julie said...

So glad you are able to write and post, and hopefully can recover quickly. So sorry this had to happen. All your plants are gorgeous!!!!!
Hugs to you,

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thanks for all the good thoughts! I really appreciate it. Hopefully during the winter it will get better and I will be better for Spring!