Saturday, October 11, 2014

Succulent Extravaganza 2014 Grounds and Retail

Robin Stockwell is a man with so much passion.  It shows in everything he does.  On September 26th and 27th I attended the 4th annual Succulent Extravaganza at Succulent Gardens nursery!  This year the theme was Landscaping.  So necessary with California being in such a bad drought.  There were many great surprises this year from Robin and his crew.  I wanted to attend every tour and seminar on the two day agenda.

This year I decided to bring my new canvas red wagon.  It was really handy for hauling all my camera equipment around.  But it was pull, click, pull, click.  I wore myself out.  I finally started to park the thing close by and then wander a bit to take photos.  But that was in between the speakers and tours.  It was crazy funny!

Ok so let's get to the photos!  I took about 400.  Are you ready for a really Guinness world record post.  No just kidding, I would do that to you.  I will show you a bunch and then you are going to have to go to my Facebook page to see more photos.


I always park my car in the same spot.  Right across the street from the nursery in the dirt.  So this is the left side to the entrance of Succulent Gardens.


I just love this little shack.  Don't know what's inside but lots of beautiful plants and tapestries hanging from it.  So pretty!


Who says succulents are boring.  Check out the color and the pots are awesome!


I saw this broken pot planting two years ago.  So for the past couple of years I have taken a photo of it.  It's getting so big.


Loved this new tapestry arch that led into a beautiful courtyard filled with beautiful succulents and a bench to rest a bit.


This was inside the courtyard looking to the right.  I fell in love with this iron Opuntia.  I would love to add one to my cactus garden.  Incredible work of art.


Let's move into the retail greenhouse.  The Succulent Fanatics set up a table a some of us made some things to show off.  This beautiful pot was planted by a wonderful couple and great landscapers Michael and Danielle Romero.


This beautiful old silver service set was planted by the fanatical Noreen Fenton!


This cute broken pot composition was created by Deana Rae McMillon.


I took one of my hubby's cigar boxes and lined it with plastic.  Then I planted it with succulents.  To keep the lid from falling backwards I strung some beads and attached it to the lid and box.


I love the retail area.  So much to see and buy!  Look out wallet.  Here are a few pics inside.



This year they had some really big tree aloes.  I think I could have jammed one in my car but no sunroof!  Ha!



How Wow is that!




This broken pot arrangement always stops me in my tracks.


Lots of Echeveria's to buy.  All different sizes!


This small pot arrangement really caught my eye.  All green sempervivums with a tiny Echeveria perle von nurnberg added for a bit of color!  Perfect.


Heading out the back door between greenhouses you find even more beauty.  This chest brimming with bright colors and textures.


I absolutely adore this area at SG.  This rock wall is stuffed with Echeveria elegans and always looks fantastic.  Wish I could do this in Sacramento but it is too darn hot.  I would have to have a rock wall that was always in the shade.


This little adobe wall with cutout always catches my attention.

Aloe striata hyb.

Aloe striata hybrid

Aloe swirl collage

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  Aloe polyphylla can swirl in either direction!


So now we are back to the cute little yellow shack.  There is still so much to tell and see.  Next post will be about the beautiful landscapes and speaker plus.  So stay tuned, I am working on it right now.

Until next time please join me on Facebook for more photos!

It's Another Beautiful Day!



danger garden said...

Great work with the planted cigar box, the colors are just wonderful and the beaded "hinge" a great touch.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thanks so much. It's fun to make.

michaele said...

Hot Darn (see how I cleaned up my language in order to post a comment)...anyway, here it Oct. in east TN and time to put the braks on new outdoor gardening projects...but your post makes me desperate for the months to pass so I can start again doing fun things with succulents.
Thanks so much for the great pics and now I am off to your facebook page.

Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More) said...

Wow, great to see what caught your eye. You spent a lot more time in the retail area than I did, I think :-).

Gardens at Waters East said...

Love seeing all the succulents, and some of the ways they are displayed. This year I have been using many more pots for them so that I can bring them into the sunroom for the winter - here they would all die if I did not do that. Way to cold in winter here along the shores of Lake Michigan. Thanks for the posting today. Jack

Mark and Gaz said...

Between you and Gerhard we had a great fill of this fab event!

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

I'm so glad Mark and Gaz! And good idea Gardens! I do that too and then bring them in when it gets cold. Michaele you are so funny! Thanks for joining in the fun!

Julie said...

Ooooooh lala! Lovliness galore!!!!!

Succulent Surroundings said...

Great post Candy! It's fun seeing the Extravaganza through your eyes. I am in shock that I missed that huge crested Aeonium. How is that even possible? Thanks for posting my creation :0).