Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY Pumpkin Succulents « Good Day Sacramento

Had a lot of fun today filming Good Day Sacramento segment on making succulent pumpkins.  This month I had written an article in the Sacramento Bee newspaper on the topic and was contacted by Melissa Cabral, Anchor/Reporter for KOVR-TV KMAX-TV Sacramento.  She asked if I could do a 2 1/2 minute segment on the show.  Why of course I could!
Here is the link if you want to watch:


These guys are really easy to make!  This is what you need:

Pumpkin Squash or Gourd
  • Succulent Cuttings
  • Bag of moss
  • Spray adhesive (Elmer's)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks to add embellishments
  • Gel Tacky Glue Aleene is a good brand.  
  • Dry's seed pods, Acorns or other embellishments.  The sky is the limit!
Take your pumpkin and spray the top with the spray adhesive.  Then add about 1/2 inch of moss.  Do this before it drys or you will have to spray again.  Then find a succulent or embellishment that you think should be the star and put it just off center in the middle.  Put the Tacky glue on the succulents and use the hot glue on the embellishments.  I find that even though the hot glue will not hurt the succulents they don't want to stick as well as with the tacky glue.  Then continue to add in a circle from the center out until you think you are done.  Pack the succulents tightly so you don't see any moss.  As you get to the edge this is where you might want to add some acorns or whatever to help hold everything in place.  Use scissors to trim off the excess moss and then let the glue dry overnight.


Here is the one I am currently working on and I showed on the show!


This is the spray adhesive and tacky glue that I prefer to use.


This is a shot of the table.  So crowded with stuff for the show.  To the right I have tons of different acorns and cool stuff to add to your arrangement.


Here are a few for a Thanksgiving or Fall presentation.  The large pumpkin has a small tea candle holder in it.  You could actually add a candle and it would look beautiful as the centerpiece on your table.


Here I am with the Anchor Melissa Cabral having a great time!


Look how close that camera was!  But I actually forgot it was there!


I decided to make some with a Christmas theme in mind!  Why not!  It comes soon after Turkey day.

To take care of these you will want to keep them outside in morning sun unless you are using them on your table.  They need the light to grow.  Once a week take a spray bottle of water and get the moss wet.  Don't let the pumpkin sit in water or freeze.  Kept on the porch works for me just fine.

When the pumpkin starts to deteriorate (which should take months), scoop off the succulents and add to a pot of soil or plant in the ground.  Some people actually leave their pumpkin in the garden and let nature take it's course.  But I think it will be very messy and draw those dreaded fruit flies.


Little baby pumpkin ready for a Christmas table.  You could give these as gifts!


What a great time was had by one and all!  Thanks Good Day and hope to see you at Sweetstuff's again!

And thank you so much Laura Eubanks for thinking of this clever idea!  You are the succulent pumpkin Queen and we all bow down to you!

Until later, remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Mark and Gaz said...

Well done Candice! And your creations looks fun as always!

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thank you so much!

Cassidy said...

You were so great! Way to go!

Julie said...

How cool, Candy! So exciting, and fun! Love all your designs!!! Great work!