Sunday, June 29, 2014

Annie Haven's Moo Poo Tea

So I had been hearing a lot of buzz on Facebook about this Moo Poo tea stuff.  I thought it was pretty funny actually.  But how good was it?  I conducted my own experiment.  I added some of Annie Haven's soil conditioner my front bed of succulents.  Mainly Echeverias.  The results are astonishing!

This is the front bed of succulents before I applied the tea.   About a month ago.

Before Moo Poo tea

So it looks pretty good but I knew that all those Echeverias could be and should be way bigger.

Annie's all natural composted soil conditioner comes from her own naturally fed cows. They graze on natural grasses just like nature intended.  The manure is then dried in the sun and put into these very handy cotton 'tea bags'.  Hence the name Moo Poo tea.

Per Annie's website:

Watering plants with manure tea conditions the soil so plant roots can better absorb nutrients. It also provides valuable nutrients, minerals and beneficial microorganisms that supports growing strong and healthy plants.

Annie carries cow, horse and alfalfa tea.  The alfalfa is for roses so I order some horse and cow tea bags.  When they arrived there was virtually no smell to the bags.  I was really expecting it to smell more.  I then took a 5 gallon bucket and filled it with water and added a bag of cow and horse tea.  I let this sit in the sun for 3 days.  Since I added two bags I diluted it with half water and just watered my succulents as usual.

Recent photo this month (June 2014)

This is what the bed looks like just a few days ago.  It's amazing.  I had to make a video of how pretty it was.

Isn't that incredible!

Huge succulents

So I would highly recommend this soil conditioner for your succulents, roses, vegetables or any plants that need to be supercharged.  You can order and get information at

So now I have to get busy and put it on all my other succulents.  In pots and planters.  All will benefit.

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Spiky Obsession said...

That bed looks amazing. I know we talk about about not feeding succulents, but I always feed mine and they do much better. Just do not feed them after mid to end July other wise you'll get soft growth and they will not cope as well with winter

Katie said...

Wow, great post! That's so interesting. Hm, maybe I should do an experiment--water half of them regularly and half with the tea. I don't usually feed my succs, but now I'm tempted. How young is too young for feeding?

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

I don't think they are ever too young for feeding. But during the hot months is not a good idea.