Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Potting Bench!!!

When I started my succulent adventure many years ago my husband took an old typewriter desk and moved it into the backyard so I could use it for potting.  Every year I put a plastic cloth over it to keep water out but it always went through.  So soon the doors began to warp and the draws didn't want to pull out.  It was also small and low so I had to sit in a chair to work on my pots.

And it looked like a mess.  Whenever I had anyone over it was an eyesore compared to my beautiful garden.  I got a call one day from one of my Bunco friends asking if I would like her old double sink.  Absolutely I would love to have i!.  I had seen many potting tables on Pinterest where they incorporated a sink.  So it began!

I asked a retired kindly neighbor if he might want to tackle this project.  He said yes and I will be forever grateful!

  It took the poor guy over an hour just to cut up the old thing!

It's going to take forever to get rid of all this wood.  Just a little bit at a time in the garbage.

We painted all the wood with two coats of primer before he put it up so that it should be pretty weather proof.  He laid in the sink and we are looking good.  The wood on the top right is from the old desk.  He left it so I could pot up some plants while we looked for what to use on the top and the shelves.

We decided to use some really good treated wood for the top.  Reason being that I will be running my hands over this a lot and don't want splinters.  For the bottom two shelves we used something cheaper.  So now it was time for me to paint it all.  I wanted a bold color because.......well, that's just me.  I used a floor and patio enamel so it won't scratch off and should resist the rain.  This is the first coat.

And here we go all done.  I painted the shelves up top and the whole thing again.  That means it has about 4 coats of paint.  I had to find bins that would fit the 11" space so that was tough but I finally found them.  Then got a couple of longer purple ones for under the sink and all.

The sink is amazing!  It's great to have dirt handy.  These sinks are really huge so they hold a lot of dirt!  The best part is that the potting bench is now as high as my waste.  So now I don't have to hurt my back potting plants.  And I'm so organized it is disgusting!  I love it!

My carpenter won't accept money so I am paying him in food.  I just took him over a really large apple pie.  Hey, that's how they used to do it in the old days!

Thanks for visiting and tell me about your potting area!

And remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


casadelydia said...

Hi Laura....awesome new bench!! And I absolutely love the color, and you are way too organized!! xo

Cassidy Tuttle said...

I lve this! It looks so good!

Kim Smith said...

This really looks good and gives me an idea for a sink I am about to replace! WooHoo! You are very organized. My bench is a mess!

michaele said...

I am sincerely thrilled for you...I know how much it means to have a generously sized work space and esp. one that is a back friendly height. That sink is awesome...what an inspired idea to use it the way that you are.
You're already a planting dynamo but this should put you in overdrive!

Spiky Obsession said...

Amazing potting bench. And I love the payment by food, I think that paying some-one by doing something that takes you time is far nicer than just pulling some cash from your pocket.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thanks everyone! Now all I need to do is get over this day cold and I will be out there day and night(I have lights)!!

Mark and Gaz said...

I love your new potting bench, so cool, unique, and creative!

Rock rose said...

What a wonderful idea to use those sinks. It looks really splendid.

Julie said...

Looks so beautiful and perfect, Candy!!!!! Congrats!!!!!