Thursday, March 13, 2014

Can She Save the Ferox?

We have had the weirdest weather here lately.  And I am going to say that this is the main reason why I may lose my large Aloe Ferox.  I did make a pretty big mistake when I tried to save it but I don't think it is the main reason for it's problem.  Let me explain.

We had that long period of dry weather and most of the succulents basically shut down their drinking process.  Then it rained and they started drinking in the water.  It stopped for awhile then it started dumping rain again!  So the other day (about 2 weeks ago) I went outside and was looking around and my Aloe ferox had actually fallen over with the root ball popping out of the soil.  Yikes!  I called for my husband to come and help and we grabbed a bucket and filled it with soil and put it around the base of the Aloe after we put it in an upright position.  I wish I had taken a photo at this point but I was panic stricken.  To make sure it stayed upright we put red lava rocks all around it.  Whew!  I thought I had saved it.  Then it rained again!   

A couple of days later I went outside and OMG!  I saw the ferox absolutely limp and flopped over on the ground.  I put on my gloves (because it scratches) and grabbed a couple of leaves.  The whole plant pulled right out!!!  It had rotted.  Oh no Mr. Bill!!!  I am not sure if it was the water or my extra soil that did it.  So now I am trying to save it!


This is the empty hole and the scene of the crime!!!  See the aloe on the bottom right is happy as a clam!


Here is the stem and the rotten roots!  I cut it off!


Complete mush!  I have had this planted since about 2007.  Makes me sad!


This is the end attached to the root ball.  You can see the rot all around the edges.


As you can see if I am going to save it I need to cut more to get past the rot.


Here is another cut and you can see I am getting close.  I have to cut off all the rot or it will continue.


Here we go no more rot.  And it continued to secrete this yellow liquid.  Yellow blood, how strange.  I had to lose quite a few leaves to get to this point.


This is all that is left and you can see that it was already damaged by the cold in December.  I had to cut off the tips of many leaves.


Witness the carnage!  LOL


I put it like this in an empty strawberry pot so the end will callus over.  I hope in a few weeks time I can plant it in the cactus bed and I will cross my fingers that it develops roots!

Think good thoughts and have a great weekend!

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Julie said...

I am betting it will LIVE!!!!! Great rescue!

Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More) said...

Wow, that's scary, especially since it's been happy for 7 years! I'm about to plant a large Aloe ferox. I hope reading your blog post won't jinx it for me, LOL.

Mark and Gaz said...

Hope it recovers Candice and that you were able to save it. Your efforts to do so are admirable!

michaele said...

What drama...As the Aloe Ferox Turns ...I was holding my breath during the whole read! I'm rooting for a happy outcome. Your heroic efforts on its behalf deserve a best case scenario result.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Yay! Thanks you all for the votes of confidence! I hope it makes it too! I'll let you know.

Spiky Obsession said...

Fingers crossed it should be fine. A week to dry off then planted in some very free draining compost and control the water until it gets really hot and it should be fine.

Rock rose said...

I hope with all the attention your aloe pulls through. I manage to save a cactus with terrible rot. Tough little critters with a great will to live. This looks very similar to one I bought in Ca a few years ago. It was called David Verity but I thought the man said it was a Marlothi. So difficult to tell some of these plants apart.

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Hoover Boo said...

How is that doing? Be patient as they can take quite a long time to re-root, but they can re-root.

It does look like marlotii, to me, not ferox.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

I just got done removing a large Yucca from my side yard so I will be planting the Aloe so. It had closed up quite a bit but still alive. Thanks. said...

I love how you chronicle each step! Great tutorials!!!