Monday, March 31, 2014

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2014 retail area

It's been over a week since the show and it is really great looking over the photos and remembering the great time I had.  The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show was from March 19-23rd at the San Mateo Event Center.  There was so much for us to see and do.  They had over 200,000 sq feet of just about everything related to Gardening, flowers, floral design and outdoor living.  With over 20 spectacular display gardens and over 250 exhibitors there was just no way to cover it all in two days.  Maybe next year I will be able to stay for the whole event.

I had a great time with Debra Lee Baldwin and helped with her presentations.  I also got to meet up with Tiffany Polli at Succulent Gardens and Larrisa Haney of Succulent Bliss.  We have been trying to meet up for some time and had a wonderful time together with her Mom.

Since my favorite part of the show was the retail area I will cover it first.  They were actually in both buildings (the Expo Hall and Fiesta Hall) but I only made my rounds in the Fiesta Hall the first day.  That's where all the live plant vendors displayed everything from vegetables to exotic orchids of every type and color.  This building had a nice air flow and the smell of all the beautiful plants was intoxicating.

There were quite a few Orchid vendors at the show.  Now I normally don't take notice of them for some reason but this year I paid more attention and took quite a few photos.  I even bought an orchid where the flower smells exactly like coconut.  It is wonderful and is attached to a board so I can hang it to the wall.  I smell it every day.  Now I only hope I can keep it alive.  LOL

Looking at them this close really makes me appreciate their beauty.

And I really got to play with depth of field on my new camera.

Of course Succulent Gardens was there with rows and rows of never ending beautiful succulents.  This is my favorite place and I spent a lot of time (and money) here.  Tiffany and the other SG peeps were always restocking and you barely ever saw a blank spot with no succulent.

More succulent beauty and yes I came home with some!

Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation came all the way from Tuscon, AZ.  And they had quite a great selection of 'sticky' succulents!

So many beautiful succulents.  And as you can see lots of blooming cactus.

This is Tephrocatus articulatus var. papyracanthus.  Such a cool cactus.  I have one but not as far along as this one.

I wish I had spent more time with the owners but just not enough time.  Alas nothing came from from this vendor like last year.

Air Plants from Owens Gardens always has the most fantastic selection of Tillansia.  Every kind you could want.  I love these and they are so easy to take care of.  He had so many varieties and I took some home to live with some others I already have!

These were really kind of neat.  They were tiny colored beads (very tiny) until you added water.  Once you did they swell up and stay wet.  You can add cut flower in a vase and many other uses and the flower will stay watered with these beads.  Not for succulents of course.

These planters hanging from this rack were so cool!  I wish I had gotten one.  See the one on the bottom left?  I wanted to get that beautiful dykia but by the time I went back they were gone.  Sometimes you just have to get something right away and not wait.  And I don't know the vendor.  I even got a press packet with floor diagram by number but it did not have corresponding names.  Very frustrating.

Another vendor I don't know the name of!  Arg!!  But Sue who was working it was so sweet.  I bought a beautiful hanging orchid and some Tillandsia in shells like these!  I already have them hanging!

Meadowland nursery and Urban Farmgirls had a huge area full of fun orbs for the garden, hypertufa pots and great plants! Such great ideas and wonderful displays.

Don't they have some wonderful ideas?  They are located in San Francisco so I may have to take a road trip.

More Urban Farmgirls love.  This cotyledon is so happy with these echeverias in this pot.  Wish I knew what the pink think was but it is cute isn't it.

Anne of Green Gardens is the cutest young enthusiastic plant lover I think I have ever meet.  She lives and runs her wonderful business from her home in Davis, CA.  She had the cutest and most delightful terrariums for you to pick up at a fraction of normal costs.  She even had kits so you could put one together yourself.  I got one of these and will be making an indoor terrarium for the first time.  Can't wait to meet her for lunch.

Just an example of one of her fairy pots.  So darling.

There was just so much in the Fiesta Hall.  Vendors selling booths and other's selling vegetables.  So much to see and do.  So this post is just on the Fiesta Hall.  Next we will go into the Expo Hall and see the craziness in there!

Hope you are staying dry and well.  Until next time remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Can She Save the Ferox?

We have had the weirdest weather here lately.  And I am going to say that this is the main reason why I may lose my large Aloe Ferox.  I did make a pretty big mistake when I tried to save it but I don't think it is the main reason for it's problem.  Let me explain.

We had that long period of dry weather and most of the succulents basically shut down their drinking process.  Then it rained and they started drinking in the water.  It stopped for awhile then it started dumping rain again!  So the other day (about 2 weeks ago) I went outside and was looking around and my Aloe ferox had actually fallen over with the root ball popping out of the soil.  Yikes!  I called for my husband to come and help and we grabbed a bucket and filled it with soil and put it around the base of the Aloe after we put it in an upright position.  I wish I had taken a photo at this point but I was panic stricken.  To make sure it stayed upright we put red lava rocks all around it.  Whew!  I thought I had saved it.  Then it rained again!   

A couple of days later I went outside and OMG!  I saw the ferox absolutely limp and flopped over on the ground.  I put on my gloves (because it scratches) and grabbed a couple of leaves.  The whole plant pulled right out!!!  It had rotted.  Oh no Mr. Bill!!!  I am not sure if it was the water or my extra soil that did it.  So now I am trying to save it!


This is the empty hole and the scene of the crime!!!  See the aloe on the bottom right is happy as a clam!


Here is the stem and the rotten roots!  I cut it off!


Complete mush!  I have had this planted since about 2007.  Makes me sad!


This is the end attached to the root ball.  You can see the rot all around the edges.


As you can see if I am going to save it I need to cut more to get past the rot.


Here is another cut and you can see I am getting close.  I have to cut off all the rot or it will continue.


Here we go no more rot.  And it continued to secrete this yellow liquid.  Yellow blood, how strange.  I had to lose quite a few leaves to get to this point.


This is all that is left and you can see that it was already damaged by the cold in December.  I had to cut off the tips of many leaves.


Witness the carnage!  LOL


I put it like this in an empty strawberry pot so the end will callus over.  I hope in a few weeks time I can plant it in the cactus bed and I will cross my fingers that it develops roots!

Think good thoughts and have a great weekend!

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Little Greenhouse Love

So I am sure by now that everyone that follows along with me on my succulent journey knows that I overwinter a bunch of succulents in my gazebo turned greenhouse.  But I don't know if I have chronicled their emergence in the spring.  So since I am about to take stuff out let's take a peek!


So Bob Marley is doing pretty good.  Lot's of new growth from the top happening!  If you remember he had a terrible accident at the end of 2012 and just wasn't recovering well.  A Christmas tree box was dropped on him.  So before I put him in the greenhouse I chopped his hair off, gave him some fertilizer and hoped for the best.  Yahoo!


I re-potted this little galvanized pot before Fall with this beautiful Aloe as the focal point.  Looks like all have survived!


Don't these succulents kind of look like Octopus tentacles?   They went crazy over the winter in the greenhouse.  And the Echeveria gibbiflora in the back (with babies) is doing great!


I pulled this pot out so it could get a little more sun and saw the back light highlight the red edges on this beautiful aloe.  And don't you just love the caruncles on that echeveria hybrid in the back!


This is a little gross but a rat got in my greenhouse.  So far all I can tell is that he munched on are the stems of these pretty Aloe variegata Partridge breast bloom stalks.  It munched two of the three right off and just started on the third.  Makes me so mad cause it would have been so pretty!


It has a couple of babies peeking out.  I'm so glad the rat decided to leave these alone.  This is the littlest one.


I think this is a shot of a couple of pots.  That Echeveria agavoides lipstick is blooming.  The bloom stalks are pretty thin on this succulent.


My large Euphorbia milii 'Crown of Thorns' (salmon colored) is doing well and blooming in the greenhouse.


Here is another pot of Euphorbia milii.  I combined the white and yellow variety.  They are much smaller but still so pretty.  To the right is my Totem pole cactus doing well.


My string of pearls have gotten so long in this pot I gave them their own roller so they would drag on the ground.  LOL  This year it gets a new hanging pot!


I found these cute little hanging succulent planters at a Bel Air store near my home last fall.  Each one is painted a little different!


The BBQ is growing like crazy!


Echeveria Coral glow bloom stalk is trailing over the succulents and little prickly pear cactus.  It's making the rounds checking everyone out.


I planted many different varieties of small aloe in this pot in the hopes they will make lots of babies.  These look so great in pottings with others succulents.  Check out the pretty little bloom on the aloe in the foreground.

So when the rain is about done I will be taking the plastic off of the greenhouse and slowly bringing all these plants out into the sun.  When succulents are waking up after their winter slumber they need to be watered a little at a time and slowly brought into the light.  I don't want them to suck up water too fast and get mushy or get burned from the sun.  So be careful!

Have a fantastic week and remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!