Sunday, February 9, 2014

Month Two of 2014

As we enter the second month of 2014 I find that I am already getting excited for the coming Spring.  It probably doesn't help that our weather has been so sunny and rain free.  Granted the nights have been chilly and my sweet succulents are still in hibernation.  And now as I type this we are having a ton of rain!  Wheeee!  That is great news but still not a drought buster.

In this post I just wanted to let you know a bit of what has been going on here at Sweetstuff's.  My more sensitive plants are still in the garage, gazebo/greenhouse and upper bedroom.  Some of the outside plants are still under wraps when it is cold.  So imagine me in the morning taking off the frost cloths and at night putting them back on.   But on the sunny days I have to give my babies some light.

Porch pots doing well

I made this pot for the Succulent Extravaganza last year and it was mostly cuttings.  It's on my front porch and they are growing nicely,  You almost can't see the pumpkin inside anymore.  I used auburn cut glass for top covering.

Upstairs bedroom nursery

In stark contrast to what is going on outside the upstairs bedroom is crispy warm.  Hot sometimes!  So much so that I have to constantly check to make sure they are getting enough water and they are not getting burned.

Baby Pachyphytum oviferum 'Moonstone' flower

Right before fall I divided a Pachyphytum oviferum 'Moonstone' plant that was hanging precariously from a hanging planter.  I was very afraid that the plant would break off and hit the ground and get destroyed.  So I chopped off the plants about an inch from the soil and then cut the tops off.  I was left with a long stem and many leaves.  So I took the leaves upstairs to the warm bedroom, laid them among the plants on the plastic and before I knew it they sprouted babies!

Garage succulents

The plants in the garage are doing smashing!  Thanks to my hubby Stan for remembering to open the garage door to get some light in!

Haworthia 'Toad's Toes'

Here is a close up of the front plant in the previous photo.  It's Haworthia 'Toads Toes'!  I love the name.  It bloomed in the garage and I tried to get a good photo but it was tough with background being stuff in the garage.  And look at the babies on this one too.

Sedum adolphii with pouring pot in back

In the planter on the gate side of the house things are growing a tiny bit.  Must be the warm days we have been having.  Remember the Echeveria river I planted last year? peeking until later in the spring.  What a tease I am.

Kalanchoe synsepala 'Walking Cup'

This pot with Kalanchoe synsepala 'Walking Cup' thinks it's spring already.  It's blooming already.  Some of the larger leaves got a bit of cold damage but all in all I think it will be ok.

Kalanchoe synsepala 'Walking Cup' flower

Here is a close up of the Walking Cup flowers.  Aren't they beautiful!

Aloe blue elf

This big patch of Aloe 'Blue elf' has some crusty tips but I love the pink color from the cold nights.

My Big Blue Pot

The Aeoniums newly planted in my Big Blue Pot are growing like gang busters.  And making things look extra pretty the Crassula arborescens undulitifolia in front is blooming like crazy.


Here is a close up of that beautiful Crassula.

Agave 'Blue glow'

The other day the sun was shining and I went out experimenting with my new camera.  This is the Agave blue glow back lit by the sun.

Agave celsii

I got this Agave celsii last year and planted it in the hottest place in my yard!  But I think I made a mistake.  It has already grown to be 3X it's original size.  Time to move in the spring!

Ruffled hybrid Echeveria

I love this hybrid Echeveria and it is just so photogenic!

Crassula ovata Hummel's sunset jade

Scout is a great succulent watchdog!  Here she is posing in front of my Crassula ovata Hummel's Sunset Jade.

Kalanchoe blosfeldiana

I love how the colder temps have made this Kalanchoe blosfeldiana so pretty and red.

I made these pots!!!!

For the last photo I wanted to show you the pots I made throughout last year at the Sacramento Cactus & Succulent Society meetings.  It is a three step process for us.  First we make the pot, then we paint and last we plant.  So these were finished up the end of January.  I like how they turned out.

I hope everyone is getting much needed rain this February.  We got dumped on with more to come.  Bring it on!


It's Another Beautiful Day!