Monday, January 27, 2014

Pot Making With Friends

Isn't it interesting how great adventures can start with a single thought.  Or in this case a picture.  A few weeks ago Donna Taylor from Melted posted a photo of a leaf with a tiny face on it.  I think it was made of polymer clay but she said we could probably make it with clay.  Her husband Keith Taylor makes the most incredible pots and they own a kiln.  So before I knew it Donna had invited a few people over for an experimental pot making workshop.  It was so fun and a great success!

Keith's photo of workshop group

Photo by Keith Taylor
So last Saturday Anna Zakaria, Gerhard Bock and I headed to Keith and Donna's home in Fairfield, CA.  They had the whole living room set up and ready to go.  Two different colors of clay, white and red.  We just dove right in and started to get creative.

Mine (looks like a purse)

I decided to make a bunch of wall pockets.  So the texture on this one was made by laying a doily on the wet clay and rolling over it with a rolling pin.  Donna & Keith had some great suggestions to help us with our creations.

Ann Zakaria 1

This is a photo and creation by Anna Zakaria who has a great Facebook page called 4 Surya Garden.  She made some fantastic wall pockets.  That cool slumped pot on the left was made by Gerhard Bock.  Keith show'd him a technique where you make a pot then kind of slam it on the table to slump it.  It's going to be really cool when done.

My leaf face wall pocket

This is my interpretation of the face in the leaf that was on Facebook.  It will look a lot better when painted I think.  I hope it doesn't look too creepy.  Just experimenting!

Gerhard photo 2

Here is a shot taken by Gerhard Bock of the great blog Bamboo, Succulents and More.  He has also done a great post of our wonderful day.  You can see it here and with more photos of his great pots from different angles.

Love the imprint on this wall pocket

Donna had this really cool wall hanging (I think that's what it was) that we used to make texture and pattern.  I love this wall pocket.

My 1st and favorite wall pocket

I think this is my favorite.  It was the first one I made.  I can't wait to paint it and plan on making some more.

Wall pocket....hmmm

This one is pretty cool too!  I used stamps to make the impressions in the clay.

Gerhard photo 1

Here are a bunch of our creations drying outside.  They need to dry for a couple of weeks before they can be fired the first time.  We will go back and paint them with glaze and then they will be fired again in the kiln.

Keith's photo 2
Photo by Keith Taylor
Donna was busy creating also!  Isn't this fish awesome!  I can't wait to see it painted.  Wouldn't this just be so cute in an ocean scene of succulents?

Keith's photo

Photo by Keith Taylor
So here I was concentrating hard on my creation!  LOL  What a fantastic time everyone had.  So much so that now lot's of people want to have a workshop with Donna and Keith.  If you live anywhere near Fairfield, CA and would like to take a roadtrip to do a great workshop like this please contact Donna Taylor at  You will have a fantastic time.

So remember great adventures can begin with one little idea.  Let it blossom!

And remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Mark and Gaz said...

Love what you have both created, and this activity always looks so fun!

Spiky Obsession said...

Great pots, looks like a really fun day.

michaele said...

All of these are going to look so fantastic filled with adorable succulents. Each one is going to have so much unique personality. What a great way to spend a day. Can't want to see things painted,fired up and planted.

Julie said...

What a fun class! Love that big leaf wall pocket that is your favorite one, too! They all look super-duper-fabulous!!!