Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Rant, A Plea and My Big Blue Pot

First of all, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS CRAZY WEATHER!  Whew that actually felt good to type.  First we get an unseasonable cold spell here in California and now it just won't rain!  I really don't like the rain but at this point I would take weeks of it.  We are being threatened with severe water rationing if it does not rain a lot soon.  There is literary no snow in the Sierras.  And that is our main problem.  If they don't get a good snow pack soon we will have major problem.  The last major drought occurred here from 1985 to late 1991.  I remember flushing our toilets with our shower water.  Yuk!  So please pray for us to have some rain.  Many people will suffer if we don't get enough.  Me included as I have $1,000's invested in my succulents and would hate to lose them.

Secondly is a plea to any and all succulent growers that may be able to help another.  Malone's Nursery located in South Carolina recently posted this on Facebook! “With great sadness I have to let my friends know that last night put a real hurting on my succulent collection. With all 3 heaters running it was still not able to hold 32 or more. Lot of frozen plants. Six degrees was a little more than we could handle…I pray for all who had ordeals with the Arctic freeze.” - I just cannot imagine losing all my precious plants to the cold.  Even half of of them and I would burst out in tears.  So quite a few of us (and you can join too) will be sending cuttings to help Kathy Malone replenish her stock.  If you would like to help by sending cuttings or plants to Kathy at:  11762 Cross Roads Place, Concord, NC 28025.  Thank you for your consideration.  If you can't send give your support by going to their Facebook page and liking.

Back in 2008 I purchased a big blue pot at a garden show in Sacramento, CA.  I was completely turning a side planter in front of my house into a succulent bed.  I knew this pot would fit just perfectly in a corner near my archway and be a great focal point.  The pot is really thick and heavy.  So my hubby put it in place and I added dirt.  Since I wanted something that would grow tall and be quite a statement I planted Aeoniums in it.  I'm not exactly sure which type but it grew to be so lovely!

1 Aeonium Big Blue Pot 2008

  This is what it looked like soon after I first planted it in 2008.

Aeonium Big Blue pot  2009

This is what it looked like in the fall of spring of 2009.  Beautiful and red!

Aeonium Big Blue Pot June 2011

In June of 2011 it was at the height of it's beauty!  So big and full.  In the summer the rosettes tighten up a bit to protect itself from the sun.  This year it looked like it was two different plants.  The house is warmer in the winter so the inside rosettes didn't turn very red from stress.  But as you can see still in June the outside rosettes are still red.  Very cool.

Aeonium Big Blue Pot 12 5 11

December of 2011 and it is coming out of it's summer dormancy and growing again and turning green.  Very beautiful.  This is the first year I got a bloom.

Looking sad in 2013

Here it is in the summer of 2013.  It looks very sad.  Time to start over.  So I started by wacking off all the rosettes.  Leaving a good length of stem.

Chopping off for replanting

I cut and cut and cut.  Till it looked like an aeonium skeleton.

All the cuttings from the Big Blue Pot

Look at all these cuttings!  I saved some for the pot and other places in my garden and gave the rest to the Sacramento Cactus and Succulent Society.

All roots

When I started to pull out the stems it ended up being extremely easy.  It was just a tangle of roots.  So amazing that it was still alive.  Next time I will do this a year earlier.


This was the biggest hunk I pulled out.  I laid it on my garbage bucket to show you the tangled mass of roots.

Ready for dirt

And now ready to add new soil and some of the cuttings.

Newly planted again 2013

Here it is all finished right before the cold weather.  It has started growing already and is already a bit bigger.

So keep yourselves and your succulents warm and think about warmer days in the spring!

Until next time remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Donalyn Dow said...

The cycle of life in a blue pot.

michaele said...

Thank you so very much for sharing the very enlightening prose and accompanying pictures of your ongoing journey with your blue pot.Sometimes it takes courage and patience to reclaim the glory days.

Mark and Gaz said...

Enjoyed seeing the evolution of that blue pot, gorgeous each year and now it has completed a full circle ready to go again :)

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thanks you all, I will continue to keep you posted!

Cindy Hewatt said...

Wow! What a gorgeous plant! Great work!

Cindy Hewatt said...
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Cindy Hewatt said...
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Kim Greenfield said...

I have many aeoniums that have grown tall and leggy too. Thanks for the inspiration to cut them. Will the stems grow new rosettes? said...

Such useful info! I have a large aeonium in the ground to renovate. Did you leave the stems this long? How deep did you bury them? What month did you do this?