Sunday, December 15, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside part 2

In the second installment of winter succulent hibernation let's have some fun!

Twas the Night Before Freezing

Twas the night before Freezing when all through the house.  
Every creature was stirring even Stan, Candy and Scout.
The plastic was hung from the greenhouse with care
In the hopes that freezing weather does not come to bear.


The succulents were nestled all snug in their spaces
while plants to propagate were put in special places.
With Stan in his cutoffs and me in my capri’s
We worked long and worked hard to clean up debris



When out in the garage there arose such a clatter
I ran from the backyard to see what was the matter..
I found Stan setting up tables in two different spots
My plants will be happy cause I sure have lots



The Moon on the breast on the new fallen frost
Made things sparkle and twinkle, sure hope all is not lost
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But the thermometer dropping, it gave me great fear



When out of the cold came my husband Stan
With many a frost cloth clutched tight in his hands
We covered each planter before the frost came
And we wished them all luck as we called them by name.



Now Kalanchoes! Now Semps! Now Graptos & Echeverias!
Go Aloes! Go Sedums! Go Pachys & Sedeverias!
To the edge of the house, all the way to the lawn,
We bid you good night until the next dawn




To all my Succulent buddies keep your succulents toasty,
and remember from Sweetstuff that I love you the mosty!


I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday Season! And remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside 2013

We are in day 5 of freezing temperatures at night.  Tonight we are suppose to get record low temps for this time of year.  It should be about 27F.  So I suppose you folks on the East coast are going to laugh at me but, I'M FREEZING MY BUNS OFF AND MY SUCCULENTS ARE TOO!
And you all know how much I care for my babies.  And this year I acquired some new ones so I hope they do OK.  But the forecast calls for another 5 or more days of this weather.  I don't know if they will make it and I believe that I will have many succulent casualties.  I thought the winter of 2012 was bad.  It may look like easy street compared to this one if we continue with this cold into 2014.

But I wanted to show you the steps I have taken to protect my plants and maybe it will help you or give you some ideas for protection.


First thing we needed to accomplish was to turn our gazebo into a greenhouse.  We had to move all of the succulents out from under the gazebo and try to get them out of the way so my husband could wrap it in 4 mil. plastic.


Pots, stands and succulents were put all around the gazebo but it sure was hard to walk around.


I decided to add more shelves inside the gazebo than in previous years.  In that way I could stuff in more succulents.  So these shelving units had to be cleaned off.


This is a view of the sidewalk leading to the front of the house.  Such a mess.  You can see Scout if trying to stay out of the way!


Stan was finally able to duck tape the 4 mil plastic all around the gazebo.  It is quite an undertaking and he is such a great husband to help with this.

You can tell how thrilled he is to be doing this job again.  LOL  I love this photo!


So here is the finished product but we still need to add the plants.  And it's starting to get dark.  Such a lot of work to do!  But the end result is worth it.


We cleared this bakers rack and put it inside also.  As long as you weigh the shelves down with lots of heavy pots the wind is not a problem.


Plants were everywhere but as they were added inside it gave me a chance to inspect them for bugs and give some a nice trim.


Can you believe this mess.  And believe it or not most of these made it in or were put in the garage.


Here is a photo just as we were beginning to put in the plants.  I filled up these two shelves and the bakers rack is to the left.  The plastic is 10 feet long so we curl it under and weigh it down with whatever we can find.  So you can see the brick and lava rocks on the right.


Here is the left near the entrance with the bakers rack full.  You can see the temperature gauge in the pot to check the temps in the greenhouse.


I wanted room to walk around but it just isn't possible.  You know I am a plant hoarder!


The gazebo is wired for electricity as you can tell by the lights so we added a small heater and it keeps the inside above freezing.


This is the other gazebo after the Sweetstuff tornado finished the greenhouse.  Lots of straightening up to do.


We keep jamming potted plants in and moving things around.  But for now we have to quit.  This was all completed a couple of weeks ago, thank goodness.  Just in time for the cold weather.  In my next post I will show you the garage, extra room upstairs and planter cover ups.

Until then remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!