Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Moody Monday

On Monday a lot of folks are kind of moody.  Having to go back to work after a nice weekend spent at home playing in the garden or something else equally as fun.  So I thought I would post some pretty pics to brighten your day!

Snail Ack!

Snails Ack!!!!  Smoosh!

Quartz crystal with friends

Love everything about this pot.  Sometimes things go just right.  And I added a large Quartz crystal for interest.

Kalanchoe humilis bloom

Bloom stalk with tiny flowers of Kalanchoe humilis

Lines and Textures

More pretty blooms.  That little agave looks like a green water fountain doesn't it.

Update on strawberry pot

Remember the video I did on how to put together a Strawberry pot?  This is what it looks like today!

New potting 'Lipstick'

I put this potting together this weekend.  The large Echeveria agavoides 'Lipstick' had outgrown it's pot and made a few babies.  I removed the pups for other pottings and added Mom in this blue pot.


Don't these look like grape clusters.  Well I got this cute little succulent last year and it had no tag.  So I have no idea what the name is.  It's so cute and pretty though so it deserves a name!

Sempervivum blooms

These sempervivum blooms are so pretty.  I have a Sweetstuff made volcanic wall next to my back gate and they live there happily.

Euphorbia enopla

My Euphorbia enopla is getting so big.  I love the color of this beautiful succulent.  It is quite old and one of my favorites.

Euphorbia enopla star

Here is the top of the Euphorbia enopla that looks like a star!


It always seems like something is blooming around the garden.  Like this pretty aloe that lives in the same pot as my large Madagascar palm.

Have a fabulous Monday everyone and remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Terrific Succulent Troughs

So you know how I have been bugging my husband to rip up the grass.  Don't get excited, he hasn't said yes yet but I think he is bending a bit.  LOL  Keep working on him!  So every area that I can find to plant my succulents is being made into a planter.  I did have a challenge on my hands with the one behind my house.

Project before

This photo was taken before we painted the house.  You can see it is stucco and the planting area is very long and narrow.  I wanted to build up a planter but you can't put wet dirt against a house!  What to do????  So I put this question to my Facebook friends.  And a wonderful gal Christina from The Garden Coach suggested horse troughs!  At first I thought WHAT?  Then she show'd me a photo of hers planted with glorious plants and I was sold!

Before and house not painted yet

First thing I had to do was get the area ready for the metal troughs.  I dug up all the weeds and yucky plants.  There was mostly mint, an old azalea and the geranium you can see.  I went to a local feed and tack store and found 2 3X2X6' new horse troughs and brought them home in my old van.  I even bought a 4' one and kept it for tomato plants.

Lots of dry stall and dirt

We painted the house first then added large pavers on top of the dirt for added support.  We then put our water toughs (holes drilled in bottom) in place and started filling them up with soil and dry stall.  This was a lot of work.  But I really wanted good drainage.

Aeonium decorum 'Cyclops'

Once we had the troughs full I started adding plants.  Since I had been to Succulent Gardens recently I had a whole bunch of great succulents to add.  I also added some cuttings from different plants around my garden and believe it or not I added some companion plants!  WHAT, did she say that right?  Something other than succulents?  Yes indeedy.  It's an experiment.

Since the troughs are on the North side of the house I get some shade here but also some sun.  So I had a lot of options!  I wanted a lot of Aeoniums in the back so this is one I added.  It's called  Aeonium decorum 'Cyclops'.

Terrific Troughs 2

Here are just some of the companion plants I added.  The large photo on the left is Kangaroo Paw plant.  On the right at top is Spotted Dead Nettle, Starburst Dianthus, Geranium and Trailing lantana.  The Dianthus and Dead Nettle don't seem to like the heat very much.

Senecio Kleiniiformis

I put in this large Senecio Kleiniiformis that has just finished putting out tons of flowers!

Echeveria 'Princess Blue'

Echeveria 'Princess Blue'

Echeveria Gibbiflora hybrid

You can see the Princess Blue to the left in this photo.  The Echeveria gibbiflora hybrid wants to take over.  Don't you love the caruncles on this beauty!  You can see behind it a couple different Aeoniums I have planted.


I love the variations in color and repeating shapes in this shot.

Aeonium 'unnamed'

I don't know the name of this Aeonium but I so love the color.  See out it gets so green in the center.

Echeveria Gibbiflora hybrid

This hybrid looks violet doesn't it.  Another beauty from Succulent Gardens.  The lantana is growing in and around the succulents now and looks really cool!


I received this cool plant from a couple of friends on Facebook.  I planted them together and they have taken off.  I love the spots.
Ok so I have teased you enough.  Here are the troughs.

Finished horse troughs

This photo and the following two were taken a few weeks ago so things have changed and filled in even more now!

Do you see Scout

Scout l;likes to have her photo taken!  LOL

Trough under window (right)

This is the trough on the right hand side under our kitchen window.

Trough on left

And this is the succulent trough on the left hand side.  I can't wait to see things grow in here.  Since Aeoniums are winter growers these will really start taking off in the fall!

Thank you Christina for this great idea!  And remember everyone:

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Monday, July 8, 2013

San Pedro blooming like crazy!

It was July 5th of last year that I posted the photos of my amazing blooming Trichocereus Pachonoi 'San Pedro'.  And if you thought that was awesome wait till you see this years blooms.  This past week my husband and I have been car shopping but at the same time I was watching my San Pedro.  Last Friday I saw sooooo many of the fuzzy beginnings of flowers push their way out of the cactus and getting ready to open. So when I woke up Saturday I wasn't even thinking of cactus.  I went downstairs and asked my husband which car we were going to look at that day.  And he said, "You better look at your cactus first!"  This is what I saw when I looked out the window!

My Blooming San Pedro

I couldn't believe it!  Pure perfection.  Blooming from top to bottom!

The right side

Here is the right hand side.  Looks like the neighbors on the other side of the fence have a great view!

Close up

Here is a close up with one bud still not open.  As you can see it is daytime and these are night bloomers.  This was early in the day and thank goodness the temperature was in the 80's so the blooms didn't melt.

The left side

This is the left hand side and it has the most blooms.

Looking up

I love to take photos of my San Pedro at this angle.  It's hard to see but there were tons of bees flying around everywhere!

Blooms at the base

This was the first year I had blooms even all the way down to the bottom!  See all the bees!

Up top

This is the top.  See the bunch of bees at the left?  I'll show you a couple in the next and last photo.


Little honey bee flying in for some pollen and one of those big black bees coming out.  Those big ones are so loud.   I took a video and will post it when I am done processing!

So we ended up getting a Suburu Forrester 2.5i.  And I love it.  Hope you love the photos!

It's Another Beautiful Day!