Thursday, November 14, 2013

Revamp your Outdoor Planters

Have you ever done something and when you finished you weren't really sure if you liked it or not?  In October of 2011 my husband removed huge bushes of iris from a side planter in the front of our home.  We dug out all the roots and old soil and replaced it with new.  I added a lot of dry stall since it was going to be a succulent bed.  I added a bunch of plants just in time for winter to set in.  Here is what it looked like and the post from back then.  The next year I added more plants and changed things a little!

March 2012 New planter

This was in March of 2012.  I don't know what I was thinking when I planted the cactus in a circle.  I guess I should have added a bunch of rocks and placed them more naturally.  So to me they stood out.  And I didn't like plants in the pouring pot . So I yanked up all the plants I used and put just Echeveria imbricata.  I knew that would do really well there.

Nov 2012 looking pretty good

This was November of 2012.  We used the lava rocks to weigh down the frost cloth when we put it over the planter.  Still not sure what to change except that I like the pouring pot better.

3/15/13 front planter

March of 2013 and the aloe is blooming and things are getting big.  But the cactus aren't really doing very well.  The rest of the succulents want more water and these are just not compatible with the rest.  Should have mounded the dirt here or something so the water would drain.

3/15/13 planter

Another view at this time.  I love the Sedum Adolphii in this bed.  It still looks glorious and I take many cuttings from it.

3/15/13 flowing pot

The pouring pot had filled in and I liked the look.  The Sempervivums I planted in this bed did not do good at all.  I believe it got too much sun.
3/15/13 part of planter and flowing pot

Not long after this photo was taken the two barrel cactus died.  I should have seen they were in distress and pulled them out.  I did pull the other ones out and planted them elsewhere.  And as you can see the sedums to the left of the pouring pot are starting to invade the stream.

Yanking it all out Nov 13

So last weekend I decided that before the cold set in I would redo a big part of this planter.  My back is doing so much better so I have been in the garden a lot.  I have decided to put a lot of plants in the ground so they will be safe from the cold.  So far my planters do really well covered with the frost cloth.  Better than in the garage.  So I started yanking out and thinning plants!

What a mess Nov 13

What a mess I am making!  I laid some plastic on the grass beyond the planter so I could put plants on it that I dug up.  As you can see I removed the Agave stricta.  This succulent will multiply like crazy so I wanted to get it out before this happened.  And once I was able to get into this planter more I found out that the Aloe saponaria had multiplied like crazy.  So I pulled out five babies and put them in separate pots to sell.

What a mess working on planter Nov 13

I worked on this project for two days!

Front view almost done Nov 13

I yanked a bunch of sedum from the left of the pouring pot and put cuttings of Echeveria imbricata in there to make it larger.  I filled in some spots in the back with Echeverias, a large clump of Faucaria tigrina and a beautiful Crassula falcata 'Propeller Plant'.  Then I started to add rock to form my 'river'.

Flowing pot expanded Nov 13

Here is a view of the pouring pot with the extended left side.  Hopefully the newly planted side will catch up with the right pretty quick.

Finished revamped front side planter Nov 2013

Here is the planter completed.  The river is made up of white rocks with alternating Echeverias Elegans and Morning light.  I used a dark smooth river rock as top cover on the rest of the planter.

Part of revamped planter Nov 13

Here is a photo of a section I really like.

Finished revamped front planter in Nov 13

All done!  Wheew!

Working on planter Nov 13

Time for a short break and then it is time to revamp another planter.
So do you have a planter not to your liking?  If do it!

Until next time:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Mark and Gaz said...

The pouring pot looks gorgeous! Actually the whole bed is! Great work there Candy and love all the changes you have made. Shame about the loss of the cacti but the changes you have made are simply superb!

Claire Bone said...

Wow! So beautiful! I really love the changes.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thank you all so much! It is great to get back in the dirt again. And I think I'm getting more artsy looking at other people photos and blogs!

Julie said...

Oh, Candy, this bed is sheer perfection now!!! Such color, motion, and the rocks are so lovely that you chose! It's a show stopper!!!
xoxo- Julie

Cindy Davison said...

I love it! Great job! I need to revamp quite a few areas in my garden...

Bunny Hudson said...

Just gorgeous! I love all the steps you pictured. I am so jealous of people with climates that allow in ground all year round. Thanks for sharing your lovely planter.

Laura Balaoro said...

Oh it was well worth it Candy. The end result is beautiful. Great Job and awesome design.

Gerhard Bock (Bamboo, Succulents and More) said...

I love everything about this bed, but the echeveria river is a standout. Gorgeous, and worthy of imitation :-).

casadelydia said...

Love the way you took us through every step...thanks!! I'm just thinking about your back--just be careful and don't hurt yourself. You're so excited to be playing in the dirt--you might not even feel the pain at the time. In the first picture when you said you didn't like the pouring pot, I was going to suggest that you mound it up higher, but I think it looks great just the way you have it--I have a much smaller bed and I put a few cacti in the middle too, but I put them in a graduating canister set (with holes drilled in the bottom), so I can water them separately...the pots are all the same, just different are SO lucky to live where you do...the echeveria river is SO beautiful...I have a hard time just getting one of them to grow!! xo

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thank you all so much! It was a blast and I let my inner artist come through. And casadelydia that is a good idea. Would love to see a photo. Keep up the good work.

michaele said...

I get a real case of CA envy when I see such stunning succulent compositions. The evolution of your bed is so impressive. Thanks so much for taking us through this step by step.

Gardens at Waters East said...

I recently brought in all of my succulents. Have them here in posts by the windows. I think they already want to go back outside - but way toooooo cold. Jack

Hoover Boo said...

Wonderful evolution over time. Looks better and better in each photo!

gwenniesgarden said...