Monday, November 4, 2013


As many of you know I have a you tube video entitled How to Drill Holes in Pots.  And I have drilled countless pots with this method.  I had only broken one pot until the other day when it happened again.  And darn if it didn't happen to a really cool pot.  So if you watch the video you can see that at the end you pretty much hit the vessel with your drill.  It's hard to avoid this.  It's normally not a problem but this vessel had a very thin bottom as compared to the rest of the vase (pot).  So oops, I broke through the bottom!

It broke the whole bottom!


You can see the the top of this vessel is a bit smaller than the bottom.  So I really didn't want to throw it away, I really liked the color and shape.  And on the side (which you can't see here are handles).  What to do, what to do!???  Then it hit me!  Patch it!


I keep all kind and types of saucers handy.  Not sure why except that I can't seem to throw them away.  Now I know why.  They could be good for something.  The first one I tried was too big to go in the top and then I found this one.    So I popped it in the pot to see if it would work.


Can you believe how well it fit!  But.....still some areas around the edge where dirt could go through.  And you can see that I drilled a hole in the saucer.  Still need that drainage.  But what am I going to do about the leak around the saucer?


I used some screen door material over the hole first!


Then I placed the saucer on top of the screen.  Now we are in business and no leaking!


Dirt, plants and Walaaaa!  Now would you have thrown this cool pot away?
There is always a solution if you just use your imagination!


It's Another Beautiful Day!


Marialuisa Kaprielian said...

Great story, never give up, thanks Candy. You should post this on "There I fixed it".

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Oh wow, I didn't know there was such a thing! LOL Thanks Marialuisa!

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous! Great save Candy!

Donna Jones Photography said...

Geeez..hit the wrong button...I'm not really anonymous! Want you to know I love your pot! Donna

Mark and Gaz said...

Very resourceful Candy, and handy the saucer fit in so well too!

Charlie@Seattle Trekker said...

It turn out amazing; the color, shape, and plant selection is such a wonderful combination. It begins a whole thought process for me on new potential projects.

daiseedeb said...

Great save! And beautiful pot!