Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Speeches and Succulents

For the last few weeks I have been preparing for something that has been pretty frightening for me my whole life.  Pulic speaking.  Ack!!!  A nightmare for me since speech class in Junior High.  A sweet gal from a women's group in Rocklin, CA had been trying to get a hold of me after seeing my article in The Sacramento Bee newspaper.   She contacted the paper and it took them a couple of months to get her the phone number.  When she finally got a hold of me I didn't hesitate and said yes to her request to speak.

Succulent purses

I put together these moss purses to sell.  Only sold the one in front.  The other two are left.

I was also told that I would be able to sell some succulent containers after the lunch and program.  Woohoo!  So for weeks I have been collecting and potting.   And then the night before the presentation I put the 15 minute talk together.  What a procrastinator right?  Three minutes telling about myself and how I got into succulents and what I could help them with.  The next five showing some cool succulents and talking about their care.  Then I had a potting demonstration where I potted up an small ocean scene.  Questions and I should be set.

Pretty old boot

This pretty ceramic boot sold pretty quick.

 The night before the event my sweetie helped me load all the potted succulents up in my car so I was ready to go in the morning.   Thank goodness I asked my wonderful friend Jennifer to go along with me and help.  She was extremely helpful and it was good to have someone there I knew.  It was held at Whitney Oaks Golf Club clubhouse.  What a beautiful place.  They had a luncheon scheduled before my talk and a table all set up in the front of the room.  Beautiful tablecloths and place settings.  And what a view! It was so nice.

Small and dainty

Found this little white planter at a thrift shop.

We set up the succulent containers on a table then put one on each table as a centerpiece.  I put out business cards and also my succulent care sheets.  Then set up my potting area and we were ready.  The ladies started coming in and they were all so nice.  Some of them started asking me questions right away and wanted first pick on the succulents.

Dip dish with spreader

This container looks like a half of watermelon.  I did not drill a hole so that they could easily take the succulents out, put in another pot and have a cute dip bowl.  The spreader I stuck in the pot (the stacked watermelon slices).

Jennifer and I got to sit at the head table and they made some announcements and started serving lunch.  Whitney Oaks has a wonderful chef because the food was fantastic.  Then I was introduced.

Yes this cutting will grow

This Graptoveria 'Ghosty' cutting in a pretty vintage glass dish with blue recycled glass.  And yes it will grow.  It already has some roots.

Instead of speaking for 15 minutes I went on for 30 minutes.  Wow, I couldn't believe it.  The potting came out really cute and the whole thing was raffled off to a really sweet lady.  It was actually rather exhilarating!  I didn't sell a lot of succulents but I think it was because they didn't know there would be anything to buy

Sea scape

This is my favorite!

All in all it was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again!

Until later remember:
It's Another Beautiful Day!



Mark and Gaz said...

Well done Candice! It was flattering to be sought out to speak and sounds like it was a successful and fun filled day :)

Marina said...

I lovd your blog! Love it! I'm a begginer in succulent world but my grandma is the greatest gardner ever! She's got a huge garden that she mannaged to plant in a really awkward space (a ravine). It has got thousands of diferent species, mostly tropical ones (we are brazilian; she lives in a small town near Rio de Janeiro). She is in her 90s and still cares for her garden twice a day and waters all the plants, wich is hard because a lot of them are in places hard to reach and many are potted. Oh, as she wants to do it herself even though we offer and actually insist on helping her. She worries what will happen to all her plabts when she dies and i know this will be hard, because i leave in another estate and its a 6 hour trip to her house...

Recently i started a garden of my own in my tiny tiny space. All my plants are potted, a lot are hanged onto the walls and i have a hard time because what ilove are suculents but i live in a statd where the weather wont help at all: our winter is really cold, we have a hard time with frost in our gardens and this year it snowed and some of the agaves got reallu burnt (i was travelling and snow was not expected).

Marina said...

Live, i live (not leave).

Sorry, my english is rusty and i'm soooo tired right now..!

Cassidy said...

Congrats! It sounds like you put on a great event. The arrangements you made are so beautiful!

Sheila Zanella said...

Love your post!! I could buy lots of your succulents if you were near!!


Julie said...

Oh, congratulations, Candy!!! How fun! The succulent bowls you made were exquisite! I would have bought them all!!! Love the one in the dip container with watermelon spreader! That touch of red really set the whole thing off!!!

Stephanie said...

Good job Candice! I wish I could be like you... so daring... public speaking... oh my goodness this is one thing that I am so afraid of. So wow... now I am sure you gained much experience and can do more of it hehe... I love your 'handbags' and the rest of the arrangements!!