Monday, July 8, 2013

San Pedro blooming like crazy!

It was July 5th of last year that I posted the photos of my amazing blooming Trichocereus Pachonoi 'San Pedro'.  And if you thought that was awesome wait till you see this years blooms.  This past week my husband and I have been car shopping but at the same time I was watching my San Pedro.  Last Friday I saw sooooo many of the fuzzy beginnings of flowers push their way out of the cactus and getting ready to open. So when I woke up Saturday I wasn't even thinking of cactus.  I went downstairs and asked my husband which car we were going to look at that day.  And he said, "You better look at your cactus first!"  This is what I saw when I looked out the window!

My Blooming San Pedro

I couldn't believe it!  Pure perfection.  Blooming from top to bottom!

The right side

Here is the right hand side.  Looks like the neighbors on the other side of the fence have a great view!

Close up

Here is a close up with one bud still not open.  As you can see it is daytime and these are night bloomers.  This was early in the day and thank goodness the temperature was in the 80's so the blooms didn't melt.

The left side

This is the left hand side and it has the most blooms.

Looking up

I love to take photos of my San Pedro at this angle.  It's hard to see but there were tons of bees flying around everywhere!

Blooms at the base

This was the first year I had blooms even all the way down to the bottom!  See all the bees!

Up top

This is the top.  See the bunch of bees at the left?  I'll show you a couple in the next and last photo.


Little honey bee flying in for some pollen and one of those big black bees coming out.  Those big ones are so loud.   I took a video and will post it when I am done processing!

So we ended up getting a Suburu Forrester 2.5i.  And I love it.  Hope you love the photos!

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Mara Paz said...

That is amazing!
I am falling in love with succulents but the pricly ones haven't won me over yet although I do love seeing them in other people's gardens.

Julie said...

Funny, you are the second person to mention a Suburu Forrester in 2 days to me! I am beginning to wonder if I should not look at one as well!!! I like the look and capacity of the Ford Flex, but will check this one out now! LOL.

This blooming wonder is stunning, Candy! You seriously are the cactus QUEEN!!! Wonderful!!!!!! Looks like seriously great weather out there!

We are having rain showers and thunderstorms each evening here, and hot as blazes!

Take care! Julie

Chris Rohrer said...

Yeah!!!! These are some of my favorite cactus!!!! I have one growing in my yard. I protect it from the extreme freezes when needed and always marvel at how tall they get AND at how many flowers will bloom! The flowers are huge and full of cool looking bugs. Hope you are doing well and great shots on this plants. That is amazing!

danger garden said...

Wow...Candice that is amazing! A traffic stopper if ever there was one...

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, fantastic flowers:) Greetings

gwenniesgarden said...

it looks absolutely stunning !!!!

Michael Hamilton said...

Absolutely beautiful! I've been leaning a lot more toward cacti and succulents here lately. A lot of my garden has died off down here in South Texas because of the intense heat and lack of water. The small succulents that I do have are really taking off though! I sure hope I can find more of them and start enjoying the kind of success that you are having! Congratulations!

Cassidy said...

Wow! These are so beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Did you count how many flowers? I think you broke a record here! Congrats ;-D

Anonymous said...

The black bee is a CA carpenter bee.... A native!

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Cool, thanks for letting me know!

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Cool, thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

I just found your site and love to see other creations using succulents!
I like the trough idea .I hope you didn't fill it entirely with soil ;]?
I use styrofoam p'nuts to fill 1/2 the space in large containers. The plants like being crowded and don't need all that soil.
I have an friend who was a plant buyer and has fab container gardens who has taught me so much about succulents.
Keep up the great Blog and beautiful plantings!