Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sacramento Cactus & Succulent Society Show & Sale

The SCSS show and sale took place on May 4th and 5th.  What a wonderful show it was.  Full of wonderful succulent specimens of every shape and size.  Gerhard Bock has already done a really great blog post on the show.  You can see it at Bamboo, Succulents and More!  Make sure you take a look at his post because I am going to show you some of the other things at the show that caught my eye!

Amazing pottery

Aren't these handmade pots incredible.  I got there on Friday in time to take these shots but by Saturday morning when I rushed over the best pots were gone.  I did grab a couple a of really nice ones and the darker wall planter on the third shelf.  Plan to go to her place and get more.

Wanted every one!

I really wanted that mermaid pot but alas it was gone.  I'm going to order one from her!  When I get the name of her company and all I will let you know.

 Donna Davis Taylor melted bottles

These great cut and melted bottles are made by Donna David Taylor, wife of Keith Taylor that makes the fantastic pots.  I will be doing a seperate blog post on these because they are very unique and very hard to make.  You would think, "Oh I can just melt a bottle and smoosh it."  But you would be so wrong and break every one.  She will explain this difficult process.

Hen Planter

And how adorable is this hen planter.  Very well planted.  I didn't see who planted it but isn't it cute!

Heavy load

This planting was called Heavy Load.  Really great in this Talavera burro.

Homage to Monet

I really liked this idea!  It was an homage to Monet.  A photo of his painting Water Lilies is to the right.


Isn't she beautiful!  Planted with a fabulous aloe!


The most amazing Ariocarpus retusus I have ever seen!


Digitostima Caput Madusae


My lily pond with water fall won second place!

E=MC 2 By Mara Aditajs

E=MC 2 a super idea that won first price by Mara Aditajs.

Second Place sea creature by Michelle Egan

I love this sea creature that took second place by Michelle Egan

Succulent Turtle

I have one of these turtles.  Really cool what someone did with it.

Best Dishgarden and 1st place Mara Aditajs

Best of show in the dish garden section goes to Get your Kicks from Route 66 by Mara Aditajs

First place planted pumice Alex Rigg

Well done planted pumice by Alex Rigg won First place

First place Ophthalmophyllum Group by Penny Newell

First place Ophthalmophyllum Group by Penny Newell

Second place Adromischus group by Penny Newell

Second place Adromischus group by Penny Newell

Honorable mention landscape Jim Yokum

Honorable mention landscape Jim Yokum

First place winner Michelle Egan

First place winner Michelle Egan

Honerable mention Sue Ballenger

Honorable mention Sue Ballenger

Second place Claire Bone

Second place Claire Bone

Manfreda undulata 'chocolate chips' by Marilyn Vilas

Manfreda undulata 'chocolate chips' by Marilyn Vilas

First place, can't read the name

First place but can't read the name of owner.

Euphorbia Loricata by Penny Newell

Euphorbia Loricata by Penny Newell

Schizobasis intracata

Schizobasis intracata that made second place. It really stood out to me!

The big winners

This is a whole bunch of the Best of Show winners. They each got a special ribbon along with a hand made pot by Keith Taylor.

Rows of great specimens

Just one of the many rows of beautiful succulent plants on display!

Echinopsis wersumanii

This beautiful flower was from Echinopsis wersumanii.

Mammillaria giselae crested

This is a really awesome Mammillaria giselae crested that won second place in it's catagory.  Wow!  Couldn't read the name of owner.

Varigated agave

And what about this awesome variegated agave.  Again no name.

Ok, what a great show and super turnout!  Next post is Adventures in potting.  Hmmmm!

Until next time remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day


gwenniesgarden said...

just FAB !!!!ndirtyp opened

Claire Bone said...

You took such great pictures of everything! I was helping at the front door when I went and hardly got to see anything. Next year!

Gerhard Bock (Bamboo, Succulents and More) said...

Fantastic photos, Candy! I love reading posts about events I attended myself because I get to see the things I missed.

The pots you liked were made by Connie Esquibel.

kathi m said...

Beautiful compositions with succelents. Love them. Where can one order a wine bottle????

Tammy N said...

Great website with so many beautiful photos. Congratulations on winning second place for your lily pond with water fall arrangement. from Tammy at

Simone Felic said...

amei essas decoraçoes . queria ter estado lá, quero te ver no rol de seguidores.

Stephanie said...

Oh that big bloom and those head planters... they are so pretty!!

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Thank you so much for the visits everyone and cudos!

Jeri Thiede said...

I really doubt there is anything around here if that magnitude! Some of themare amazing!