Sunday, May 19, 2013

Adventures in Potting

Have you ever started a project and discovered that you had a battle ahead of you and were determined to not give up?  Well that is what happened a few weeks ago when I decided to repot a planting I bought last year at the Succulent Extravaganza.  As soon as I saw this shell shaped pot at Succulent Gardens I knew I had to grab it before it got taken.  It was the only one.  I didn't really much care for what was planted in it but it did have a beautiful Aloe striata and Echeveria agavoides.  So when it came time to take the plants out and put them in different pots I really had my hands full!

The potting before I began to repot

This is what the pot looked like before I started.  Now that my ordeal is over I figure that Aloe must have been planted in this pot years ago.  I got the Echeveria out easy enough but when it came to the Aloe.....well let's just say, "Holy cow"!  It didn't want to come out of this pot.  So I dug and dug.  And yanked and yanked!  Very afraid that I was going to damage this precious pot.  I used every tool in my arsenal.  I finally realized I wasn't going to get all the roots with the plant.

It's out success

Finally I got that darn plant out.  Got most of larger roots so it will be fine!

Have roots?

But this is what it looked like when I got the Aloe out!  Very little dirt and mostly roots.  And the pot has a curve in it!

Digging out a rootbound pot

So I yanked and I yanked!  I stuck knives around the edge (not recommended).  But not much help.  And yes I was still afraid I would break the pot.  By the time it popped out I had dirt particles head to toe.


It's out!  Yahoo!  Wait till you see the rootball!

See how roots took on shape of pot!

Isn't this interesting?  The root ball has conformed to the shape of the shell planter!

Shell shaped roots

Here's a better photo where you can see the undulations in the pot.

Finished product  Newly planted

Here is the container all repotted with all different kind of crassula.  I added sea glass for top dressing and a couple of shells.  The aloe and echeveria went in two other plantings.  It was well worth the effort but so glad that is done.

What adventures in potting would you like to share?

Until later remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Stephanie said...

The pot does look better now with the new plants haha... gosh... those roots of the aloe... yes holy cow... it can really grow roots that will take over every inch of the pot ;-) But I am glad you finally pulled them out and did not break that pretty pot, well done hehe...

Spiky Obsession said...

The pot does look much better with your selection.

I have something I call the "pot shuffle" that I carry out each year, and involves trying to pot on all my plants without taking up much more space. So I re-pot the biggest plant, then use that pot for the next etc seeing how many plants I can re-pot before I need to start again.

Claude said...

yeah... those succulents can really dig in, huh? I tend to get a hose and blast the old roots and dirt out. I do like the pot replanted!

Julie said...

I immediately thought of a little tea cup with roses that I drilled a hole in the bottom of and planted. It was my first attempt at drilling with a ceramic bit I had bought. It worked great! I can't find the post where I had shown all that, but in this post, you can see how cute it was! Just a tiny plant in a tiny cup with saucer.

I love that dang big root ball you had in there!!!!! What a job!!! Sorry you had to get so dirty. You were dressed so cutely!!!!! Love those pink shorts!

Julie said...

P.S. love how the Crassus looks in there now! So fresh and pretty with the lovely top dressing too!!!!

Julie said...

Crassula.....dang auto correct!!!!!

Claire Bone said...

Your planting looks so much better! I love it!

Mark and Gaz said...

Well done Candice! That wasn't easy but glad to see you managed to do it. The new planting looks lovely!

Simone Felic said...

que calvario bom. pra n´s que gostamos de plantar é um divertimento.

Stiletto ElsieXie said...

I love your juvenated container with its new tenants - whimsical and pretty.

Jeri Thiede said...

I have a HUGE aloe vera that needs repotting. It's been leaning for some time and I'm afraid I'm going to break it when I try to put it in a larger, deeper pot. If it was standing up straight, it's probably about 3 ft tall. I live in Nebraska, so put it outside one summer and it went bonkers! I have many of it's babies and have thrown some out because I can't keep up with them. One of them is potted and probably getting close to 2 ft tall. I'm just not sure what I can do with these huge plants that have to be inside so much of the year!! And to think it all started with one little one from K-mart!! Jeri

Cassidy said...

This is so beautiful! I love the way you combined the colors. Stunning!

Lily said...

Wow those roots are insane, at least you had better luck with your aloe and pot. I tried to do the same with an old pot full of aloe plants that my mother left behind and the pot ended up breaking into pieces. What is that echeveria that was next to the aloe?

Lily said...

Ah I see I missed that - agavoides

Suzanne said...

Love the pot!!

Sheila Zanella said...

Love your posts, your photos, your garden...everything looks nice and peaceful!!