Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from Sweetstuff

I was goofing around with Christmas decorations the other day and decided to cover the tips of my Agave augustifolia variegata 'Striped Caribbean Agave' with colored balls!  It turned out so neat I just have to share it with you.

Another Merry Xmas

It was a break in a mean storm we were having and we got some beautiful sunshine!  So I ran out with my camera and had fun being silly!

Christmas balls on my Agave augustifolia variegata 'Striped Caribbean Agave'

 I love the contrast in color and shapes!


Trying to be artsy and being poked many times by the leaf tips that weren't covered.  Then I realized I could see myself and our newly painted house in the gold glass ball!

Merry Christmas

Ta da!!!  Merry Christmas to all my Sweet friends!

Here is my message to you this Christmas.  Please enjoy each day as if it is your last.  Because you just never know.  But don't worry about that.  Enjoy your life and hug your kids as much as possible.  They will be grown and leave the nest before you know it.  Love your significant other and enjoy their company.  Keep those conversation lines open.  Be kind to other people.  If they are grumpy, it could be that something bad is happening in their life.   Look people in the eye when you talk with them.  Don't play with your phone during a conversation.  It can wait.  The person you are talking to is more important.  Family is very important.  Do whatever you can to stay in touch.  And last but not least, go outside and enjoy the day!  Breath in the air and let the sun shine on your face!  And dig in the dirt if you can!

And always remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Succulents Love the Rain

We have had a series of storms called the Pineapple Express raging through the Sacramento Valley.  Lots and lots of rain and wind.  One good thing is that it has kept the night time temperatures fairly warm.  This is the first year I can remember when I still have all of my succulents outside at this time.  Usually by now I have lots of succulents in my garage and the rest tucked up nice and warm in my make shift Gazebo greenhouse.  

Just about every day I check the ten day weather forecast and see what is coming.  So far so good but I told my husband today that we better get set up so we are ready to make the move at the last minute if we have to.  We need to set our tables up in the garage and get the plastic to wrap up the gazebo.   Making my shopping list right now!

So a couple of days ago we had a break in between storms and the sun came out.  So I ran outside with my camera and took some photos of the succulents after the rain.  Lots of leaves had fallen off the trees and it was actually really pretty.

This is Echeveria 'Lotus' covered in leaves!  This is in my front succulent bed where I have a whole section dedicated to Echeveria's and the grapto's!  In the fall I let the leaves from the neighbors trees cover this area.  It actually helps to keep them warm.  When it gets really cold I put frost cloth on top.


The succulents are all nestled in nice and warm for the winter.

Echeveria bed covered in leaves

Here is a better look at the front bed partially covered in leaves!


This is how I am keeping the rain out of my succulent bird bath.  Pretty simply really.  I just took the largest trash bag I could find and laid it over the top.  Then I took packing tape and attached it underneath from corner to corner.  The bird bath has no hole in bottom so I have to do this so I don't drown my succulents.


This is what I see when I look out the front door and look to the left.

Echeveria imbricata and Sedum Rubrotinctum nestled in the leaves!

My favorite photo of Echeveria imbricata and Sedum rubrotinctum.  Just had to add it!


Agave augustifolia variegata 'Striped Caribbean Agave'


Opuntia Macbridei 'Red Button Cactus'
This cactus has little tiny red flowers but as you can see the fruit are almost as big as large lemons!

My gazebo with succulents hiding underneath!

This is my gazebo with some of my succulents hiding underneath.  I put some of the cactus and other delicate succulents under here to protect them from the rain for now.


And to think I don't have one tree of my own.  That branch up at the top is from the neighbors tree.  This is my back yard in a corner I seldom photograph.  The bed on the right hand side is in shade a lot and has not grown very big.


Graptoveria 'Fred Ives'


Aloe variegata Partridge Breast 
This aloe resides in a bird bath with a lot of other succulents.  I really like this shot.  You can see the big Madagascar Palm in the back.

Ok I tickled your fancy enough for today!  Have a terrific weekend!  And remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day