Friday, October 19, 2012

Succulent Extravaganza 2012 - Speakers and Retail area

 Castroville, CA is a sleepy little coastal town.  It is located 9 miles nortwest of Salinas at an elevation of  23 feet.  They claim to be the Artichoke Center of the World.  We stayed in Marina, CA and drove down the beautiful coastal Hwy 1 to the gardens.  The cool ocean air comes down and blankets the area and Succulent Gardens with it's cooling mist. The temperatures don't go above 85F very often and it rarely freezes.  Sounds like and is the perfect growing grounds for Succulents.

Both days of the Extravaganza were filled with great speakers, wonderful food and beautiful succulents.  Not to mention meeting new friends and people I had spoke with on Facebook but never meet.  I belong to a great group called The Succulent Fanatics and we got together for lunch each day and drinks Friday night.  What a great bunch of people.  We had a fantastic time!

The Succulent Girls

The Succulent girls!  Back left is Debra Lee Baldwin to her right is Rebecca Sweet.  Front left is Noreen Fenton, Laura Livengood Schaub, myself in yellow, Laura Balaro and Jeanne Eige.  So many more gals should have been in the photo but we got seperated at different times during the two days.

The speakers were absolutely amazing.   I wish I could have seen them all but I just couldn't stay away from the succulents themselves.  Debra Lee Baldwin author of Succulent Container Gardens, Designing with Succulents and the upcoming Succulents Simplified spoke both days.  Saturday she spoke about "Companion Plants for Succulents".  It was fantastic and really makes me want to add some wonderful companion plants to my garden.  After Debra on Saturday was Rebecca Sweet co-author of Garden Up.  She gave a wonderful presentation on solving different gardening problems.  Very educational.

Debra presentation on companion plants

Debra Lee Baldwin during her presentation!  It was really eye opening for me.

Now lets check out the retail sales area!


They had lots of pots for sale.  Some full of succulents and some empty ready for you to create.  You can see the little otters and quail in the above photo.  I just had to get an otter and a fish not pictured here.  I loved this little area in the corner of this painted wall.  Loved this Euphorbia tirucalli, beautiful but they don't do well in my area.  They don't like the cold. 


Don't you love this Mexican Fire Pit or Chimenea surrounded by succulents!


They had really cool little vignettes set up in the retail area.  Each had there own special something to grab your attention (like this metal succulent sculpture) surrounded by pots of succulents or other treasures.  The next few photos shows a few of these great areas.





Had to show you the other side of my favorite!


Check out the crowd shopping!  And this isn't even as busy as I saw it at times.  I was trying to walk around saying excuse me, pardon me!  It got really crazy.


This is Laura Balaro.   She runs the Facebook page Succulent Fanatics and is a Master Gardner.  I went to visit her home and garden with Debra in San Jose, CA and was blown away.  A post will follow on her amazing garden.  But this hat got her so much attention at the Estravaganza.  She made it herself by gluing sphagnum moss on the hat then adding succulents.  All she has to do is spritz with water and they grow.  Amazing isn't it.


 So now let's check out some cool pottings I saw.  There was someone (I am sorry I didn't get his/her card for the name) that made hypertufa pots.  They were for sale and some were planted.  This was my favorite.


Here's another one I liked.  Wonder how they added the color?


This pot looked like hollowed out rock.  Then driftwood is added.  I like this idea.  They had pots full of driftwood you could buy to get this look also.


Loved this beautiful hanging pot of  Senecio rowleyanus 'String of Pearls' and Donkey tail sedum.  I wonder if anyone bought it?  Check out those pots!


Cute little potting but check out the color on these strawberry pots!


Love the succulent wreaths for sale.  You could also buy a kit and make it yourself.


How about a heart shaped succulent arrangement?


Ready to hang!


Look what I had to choose from!

Robin Stockwell and Flora Grubb

I have so many photos to show you but this post is so long I am going to stop.  You can see more photos on my Facebook page.  I love this photo of Robin Stockwell who is the owner/manager of Succulent Gardens and Flora Grubb.  Flora is the owner of a fabulous shop called Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco, CA.  She is such a wonderful girl and has a great personality.  Her presentation entitled "What is next for Succulents" was really eye opening.  And she is a really funny girl.  I only live 2 hours from San Francisco and believe it or not I have not been to Flora Grubb yet.  Guess where my next road trip will be.

Can't wait for next year because what a great event.  So anyone who hasn't gone and can should put it on your calendar for next year.

So until next time:

It's Another Beautiful Day


Spiky Obsession said...

Looks like you had a great time. Love the fake stone pots, so hard to find in the UK I must learn how to do it myself.

Alain said...

Beautiful succulent arrangement !!

Debra Lee Baldwin said...

Hi, Candy -- Thanks for the kind words about me and my presentations! I love your photos. I took one of all the planted square frames, too, but I like yours much better. Robin and Flora ought to LOVE that photo of the two of them! Really cute. Good job, kiddo! You're a reporter at heart.

Aspiring Dana said...

Whoa! Awesome post Candice! LOVE the photos! Thank you for sharing these great places that I'm not nearby to see!

Megan said...

You've never been to Flora Grubb Gardens?!?! You could easily spend 2-3 days in the bay area checking out succs. Finally catching up with the garden blog world having dropped out for the last six months... planning a trip back to CA to visit in late February or early March :)

lugarandcompany said...

Wow! Amazing photos! Thank you for sharing! You might enjoy my recently posted video of many succulents from the Sherman Library and Gardens. I hope you can visit there, you would love it! Take your camera if you go!

lugarandcompany said...

I love the hat! You might enjoy my recently posted iMovie on largely succulents out in CA. Thanks for sharing, lovely work!

Ray Ashton said...

I love the succulent arrangements of those plants you got there. How I wish I attended the event. I really want to hear and learn more when it comes to plant arrangements and designing. I hope to hear more about this topic.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Ok Ray, thank you for that suggestion! I will try to show you some plant designing and arranging in some future blog posts. Good idea and I wish you could go too!