Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mom's Succulent Bird Cage

My sweet Mother passed away about 9 years ago but she left me things that bring back memories.  I was visiting my Dad a few months back and we went out on the his back patio.  Mom was quite a flower gardener in her day until her heart and  Alzheimer's took away her gardening ability.  So I collected many pots and then I saw the old iron bird cage in the corner.  It had been sitting out in the rain and was pretty rusty but that didn't matter.  I remember the beautiful flowers that my Mom would have poking out between the bars.  I always Oooo'd and Aaaaaah'd over it!   I asked my Dad if I could take it home and plant with succulents.  He said of course so I loaded the heavy birdcage in the back of my van.  I actually stared at it for a couple of months before I decided what to do.  And what a great way to remember my Mom whenever I look at it!
I planted this a month or so ago and forgot to post about it.  I was reminded when author photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin did a recent post in Gardening Gone Wild on birdhouse or birdcage succulent gardening.    It features my friend Cindy Davison's incredible succulent birdhouse's that I featured in a post that you can find here!

Top of Bird cage

First thing I did, since I wanted to plant the top, was get some coconut fiber matting at Lowe's and I made my own pot in the top of the bird cage.  I filled it with my soil then added a green sedum to poke out the top and put  Crassula Marginalis 'Calico Kitten' around the edge in hopes it will continue to drape down.

Bottom of bird cage

I put a plastic pot saucer with holes in it on the bottom of the bird cage.  I wanted something to hold the soil and lift the plants up a bit.  I planted Senecio Vitalis in the back, Echeveria elegans 'Mexican Snowball', Sedeveria in the front right and some elogated (from lack of light) Sedum adolphii.  Hopefully the sedum will do better now that I have moved this in more light!

Succulent Bird Cage all done

So here is the whole thing as it sat on the patio just finished!  I now need some muscle to put it under the gazebo!

Succulent Bird Cage

Here it is in it's permanent location.  I put it on a stand in the back right corner of my gazebo.  It receives morning light then filtered light throughout the day.  It is very happy and makes me really happy.  Everytime I look at it I think of my Mom!   Aaaah!

Until next time remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Cindy said...

So, so pretty!

Rohrerbot said...

You are the master of succulent design and study! I thought of you again yesterday when I found a tea set full of succulents. I snapped the artsy uses of succulents with you in mind and they'll be released the second week of September. That is just a beautiful piece of art. And I still laugh at all the strange names of these succulents....isn't a crassula a in the world of succulents....It may be called "The Dark Crystal Crassula" or "Dreamy Chocolate Drip Crassula":) I made those up...and I think so do they:) Have a great rest of your weekend. And thank you for your kind words today. Chris

Stephanie said...

Brilliant arrangement Candy! Love how you filled up the crown on top. Any plan to keep a bird in the cage? Can place a fake one also hehe...

Anonymous said...

That is Gorgeous!!!
What a lovely reminder of your Mom!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you so much Cindy!

Chris I am blushing! Thank you for the wonderful compliments and can't wait to see the succulents.

And Stephanie, no plans for a bird but maybe a cool looking fake one would be neat.

You are so sweet Elaine!

Gardens at Waters East said...

Always a great idea, using memory "stuff" in the garden. Here at Gardens at Waters East there are loads of plants and objects that were from friends and family. Each time I am out in the garden thoughts of them come back. Nice comfort.

Mark and Gaz said...

That's a brilliant arrangement and idea Candy, love em!!

gwenniesgarden said...

What a lovely birdcage and a lovely piece of art !!!

Rita Gazzaniga said...

Thank you for the great idea! I have 3 different size birdcages and I am going to make one of these. Beautiful!

Dewdrop Gardens said...

I love how your bird cage turned out! Especially planting on two levels, really is unique! Beautiful!
I found an old one at a yard sale, and plan on planting succulents in it, but I need to paint it...not fussy on the black iron.
Debbie :)

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Wow Rita and Debbie! I hope you show a photo when your done!

thebluemuse said...

Beautiful tribute to your mom! Gorgeous arrangement, too.

Julie said...

How did I miss this post??? This is absolutely stunning, Candy! I know your heart sings when you look at it...especially that it was your Moms!!! It is a beautiful birdcage anyway, but with the succulents, it blends you and her into a timeless space!!! Congrats on your lovely creation!