Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's happening at Sweetstuff's

Space saver

Spring is here and lots of great things are going on at Sweetstuff's!  First of all since I have pretty much run out of concrete area I have decided it is time to go vertical.  So on my front porch I added this baker's rack.    This photo was taken a few weeks ago so there are now many more plants in front of the baker's rack to enjoy.  I love walking into my front door.  So many bright colors and shapes.

Graptosedum Alpenglow

Everything is out of the garage including the Graptosedum Alpenglow you see above streaming out of a hole in my strawberry pot.  We dismantled our gazebo that we turned into a greenhouse and now it is just a regular gazebo.  I did learn a lesson with the gazebo.  Since air is trapped inside and there is not much circulation it made the plants inside very susceptible to bugs.  The ground inside the gazebo became wet when it rained which did not help matters.  It took me a while to get rid of the aphid explosion.

Sedum pachyphyllum

In the front planters plants are trying to peek out of the layer of leaves I put down to help insulate them from the cold.  I still have to remove them.  I have been very busy lately trying to make the back patio livable again that this got pushed back.  Today we put up our 2nd gazebo over my planting area.  It was quite a job and took up most of the day.  But in the end it will be awesome.  Pictures of it to follow in another post.

My Big Blue Pot

The aeoniums in my big blue pot out front is doing quite well.  I love to watch it change colors all year with the change in temperatures.  All the succulents down below are doing crazy well!  If you look at the photo in the upper right you can see a large rosette on the aeonium plant starting to push out a bloom stalk from it's center.

Sedum pachyphyllum in full bloom

I have blooms all over the place!  This sedum is so pretty and yellow.  The Aloe brevifolia 'Crocodile Plant' has many offsets and is getting really crowded!

I'm stuffed

The echeveria 'after glow' is still dark from the cooler temperatures.  It is still happy in this large saucer with lots of other echeveria's.  I started this saucer as just cuttings and it took off.

Euphorbia spurge 'Ascot Rainbow' and friends

This is my side bed behind the gazebo next to the fence.  I planted this Euphorbia x martini 'Ascot Rainbow' last fall and it took off and is blooming like crazy.  Joining it are other succulents such as the purple graptoveria 'Fred Ives' you see front center.

Echeveria gluaca

I have had this bed of echeveria glauca growing for many years.  It is creeping over the cement.  I whack it closer to the little iron railing you can see quite often and it just keeps creeping back.

Euphorbia Milii

My Euphorbia Milii is doing fine and survived the winter quite well.  It is blooming now and I have learned that it has light pink/salmon colored blooms.  I think I will be re potting it soon.

Front planter spring 2012

My new front planter is doing really well and every plant survived.  As you can see I have more plants to add that are just sitting in the planter box waiting for me to get dirty!

Front planter spring 2012 1

A close up of part of my new front bed.  You can see a couple of pots ready to be planted.

Tiny Opuntia

This little Opuntia picardoi is doing really well.  It hasn't bloomed yet for me but I am hoping it will this year. This plant is in a pot that is about 12 inches across.

How do you Voodoo

This is my Aeonium Voodoo starting to bloom.  It produces a bloom cluster completely different from other aeoniums I have.  The others usually produce a large stem that then has a large bloom cluster at the end.  This one has many bloom clusters poking out from different areas at the top of the plant.  Each bud will open and show a beautiful yellow flower.

Aeonium 'Voodoo' bloom macro

Here is a close up of the buds and bloom on the Voodoo!

Aloe Saponaria

I think the name of this blooming aloe is Saponaria.  Not sure yet.  Waiting to hear for sure from a valuable source.

Unknown kalanchoe

I love this redish leafed kalanchoe!  The bright blooms are spectacular.  I have scoured the internet though and I don't have a name.

Outside baker's rack

I am running out of room everywhere so I just got another baker's rack from Ross for the backyard. It really fits perfectly in this spot!

Spring 2012

Lots of plants are now outside!  They are all still recovering from there few months in the garage.

Spring 2012

Soooo much work still to do back here.  My honey put up my other gazebo and today I put lights inside of it just like the other.  Now I will be able to plant at night and we will be able to spend evenings outside under the lights.  My sweetie has also been collecting rocks for me as you can see in the wheelbarrow.  We need to put them around the cactus garden.

Ok that is the mini update!  Lots of spring/summer fun to come.  Hope the rest of your week is super duper. And remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Joyful said...

The plants all look fantastic. My you have so many of them but I'm guessing they require less work since they don't need much water. They make your place look like a "happy place".

Becc said...

Thank goodness they all survived, I have been awaiting your spring so I can see all your wonderful plants again, good job, they look very healthy!

Spiky Obsession said...

That is all looking in great condition. I am so jealous that you are now almost unpacked in getting into summer. We have had the wettest April on record, I have have had to put a lot of stuff away again to avoid rot.
I would agree with aloe saponaria for you flowering aloe. It looks like a lovely specimen.

Little Expanded said...

Looks like Aloe maculata (old name saponaria) to me too. Lovely orange flowers.

Cindy said...

Your plants are all so beautiful, I almost feel like I could ditch all mine and get just as much satisfaction by viewing your photos!

And thanks for the tip on Ross for bakers racks. Hubby wants to find a nice one to house all his computer components (of all things!)

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

You have the coolest plants!! They're looking wonderful and lush. I'm particularly in love with Opuntia picardoi. The pink new growth is VERY pretty!

Stephanie said...

You have the most amazing garden Candy! I love that Euphorbia x martini 'Ascot Rainbow' a lot. And the Aeonium Yoodoo bloom is breathtaking. I haven't seen one in real before. And that kalanchoe with red leaves and striking pink blooms is really something!! Hope you will get the ID soon. Have a great week and yes time to get dirty for those cuties hehe...

Gerhard Bock said...

Just stunning! It makes all the hard work worth is. Your bakers racks are great. I've started to go up too and got two similar racks. The next frontier for me are hanging planters. I'm sure my epiphyllums would love them, not to mention plants like Senecio rowleyanus...

Anonymous said...

in the 3rd to last picture it looks like you have some succulents on what seems like a vertical picture frame. Could you post a picture of that? I am very curious on what that is and how you created it. I love your blog, so many inspirational shots! :)

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you so much every one! Yes I will have to take a photo a post the vertical planter I have. I got it for Christmas from my nephew. It's ready to hang just was waiting for the gazebo to be up. Now have to wait for sun to take a good shot. He got the kid from Cactus jungle in S.F. I love it!

Monty Montgomery said...

Candy, your plants are gorgeous, as always. I love all the color in your yard. I bet you spend as much time as possible out there enjoying all the stimulating colors and textures of your plants. Keep up the good work!