Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yellow Watermelons at the Nugget

Yellow surprise

Yay I know, your thinking, "This post is not about Succulents!" But this watermelon is so succulent that I thought it still fit. LOL
My son Parker came over last with a special treat. He works at The Nugget here in Roseville, CA. He is in the produce department. The Nugget is a wonderful upscale supermarket here in Northern California. They have anything you could possible want and then some. Every department in the store is well stocked with the best of the best. The bakery has the most wonderful baked goods. If I ever need a cake that is where I go. They are to die for.

Actually the whole store is a work of art. Even before you walk in the store you are greeted with wonderful displays of many different kinds of fruits of the season. All made to look like you are walking into a farmer's market. There is usually someone chopping up fruit who will give you a taste. Then you walk into the store and everywhere you look is eye boggling. In the produce department most of the vegetables are displayed in a artfully designed vertical wall unit. It is truly spectacular. It's that way all over the store. Beautiful displays and unusual hard to find items at every turn.

So to get back to my story. He walked in the house with this 1/2 of watermelon and and a big smile on his face. Big hugs and kisses (because it had been a week since I'd seen him) and into the kitchen we went. This watermelon had the most beautiful yellow flesh and the seeds were tiny and white. He said they were really yummy and very sweet. They are also on sale for $.25 a pound.

Yellow Crimson

These watermelons look just like a regular one on the outside, it's not until you cut into it that you see the difference. This variety is called Yellow Crimson. Did you know that a watermelon is not a fruit! It is a vegetable related to the cucumber.


Parker whipped out one of my kitchen knives, peeled and chopped this baby up in no time! If you want to taste something in the produce department at The Nugget all you have to do is ask the wandering produce employee and they will cut it up for you to taste.


Jordan my oldest son was home with some of his friends. Everyone got a taste and really liked it a lot. A couple people couldn't get over the yellow part. They said their brain kept thinking it was pineapple. But it was really sweet and tasty!

So if you get a chance go check out your local Nugget market. And get the yellow watermelon while you can. It's really great!

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Succulent Bird Bath

How is everyone doing? I am finally almost over my month long bout of bronchitis and ready to hit the ground running! Right! At least I can work in the garden again. Yeah!

So a couple of months ago I while I was potting a bunch of succulents I had, I wanted to design something different. I had a bird bath that used to be a fountain until it broke I wanted to do something with. It is made of a grey plastic resin that looks like cement but is really light. They make a lot of pots out of this kind of stuff now days. So the top of the bird bath actually screws off of the base. So when it is time to go to the garage for hibernation it will be easy.

Succulent birdbath just planted

This is how it looked when I first planted it in June. The hanging plants were already growing in another pot. But it was too shallow and the dirt was old. They needed to be re-potted. So this is what it looks like now.

Succulent bird bath in August!

It really filled out in a short period of time. I was so excited about it that I planted another one. My sister gave me hers. The fountain stopped working too. I planted the other one with different succulents and because of it's location it did not do very well. So I have since planted it with cactus. It is in a much sunnier spot than this one. If it keeps doing well I will post a shot of it!

Succulent Bird Bath in August

I love this planting! I put some redish rocks around the edge to help hold in the dirt and to also give it a finished look. Yes those are tiny little abalone shells in there too. I like to add shells to my pots. So let me tell you the names (the ones I know of) of the plants. Top right is an Echeveria subridgida. Back left is Echeveria melaco. In the middle is Echeveria Shaviana 'Pinky'. I love the frilly edges on the leaves of that one. The hanging plant on the left side is Graptodesum alpenglow. Aporocactus flagelliformis is the cactus blooming on the right. It has beautiful little red flowers.  Also the hanging sedum in the front doesn't have a name I know of either. The little yellow sedum that filled in is so pretty is Sedum japonicum 'Tokyo Sun'.  It is really thick but only grows about 2" tall. 

There are no holes in this bird bath of course so I added a layer of gravel under the dirt. About 1" because I wanted as much dirt as possible. I am careful not to over water it. It would be too difficult to pour the water out. So far so good. I just stick my finger in the dirt to see how moist it is and that tells me if it needs watering. Very scientific isn't it! LOL

Ok that's it. Lots more to come. I will be visiting your blogs soon and hope everyone is having a great summer.

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Huernia Zebrina 'Magniflora'
I can't tell you how excited I was to walk outside and see these awesome blooms on this succulent. I bought this plant at my Cactus and Succulent society plant show and sale. I had no idea what the blooms would look like. I was so surprised to see these blooms. It had 3 of them and they are so strange. I have seen other succulent lovers
Huernia blooms on Flickr but I have never owned one myself. I am so excited!

Sorry I have been missing. I came down with an upper respiratory infection two weeks ago and even with antibiotics it won't go away. May have to go back to the
Dr. tomorrow. The coughing is just wearing me out!!! I think it turned into Bronchitis.

My first Huernia bloom!

By the way....Happy Cactus Monday to everyone! I will try to catch up with everyone's goings on as soon as I can. A lot has been going on this summer in SSS garden and the Suter family. It may take me forever to get everyone caught up. I have started many posts but never finished them. I will though.

I'm Giddy!!!!

Hope every one's summer is going well. Have a wonderful week!

And remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!