Saturday, December 31, 2011

Look what I got for Christmas!

Look what I got for Christmas!

Hi my blogger friends!  Just a quick post to say I hope that Santa was good to you and brought you some goodies on your wish list.  I was very fortunate this year in that I went shopping for myself!  Yes you heard it, I shopped for myself.  My Dad always give me some Christmas money and says get what you want and we will put it under the tree.  So I went to Ross and found the great gold gecko in the photo above that I will decorate my gazebo with.  Then I also found the gecko 3 tiered stand.  I love this and can't wait for spring to put some pots of succulents on it.  Then behind the sun in the middle is a 3 tiered iron mesh stand.  I plan on putting spaghnum moss, dirt and succulents in each layer!  EEEEE I can't wait.
Then you are probably wonderful about the other goodies.  My hubby and I did the usual Christmas pilgrimage to the local huge auction here in Roseville.  It is called Denio's Market and Swap Meet.  It is a great place to get about anything.  Except maybe succulents.  I may have to do something about that!  So we found this great place that had outdoor fence art and other items.  So he bought me the two suns and the little bench.  The suns will hang on my fence and I will put some pots of lovely succulents on that bench.  Yummo!


My sister and I also got vertical garden sets from the Cactus Jungle in Berkeley, CA.   This was given to us my nephew, her son Jeff and his girlfriend Jessikah!  I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement.  What a perfect gift for his Aunt Candy!!!!

I also got some great leather garden gloves to work with those crazy cactus of mine.  They will come in very handy.  Oh and I also got a gift certificate from Annie Annuals!  Can't wait to use it in the spring.

So what gardening stuff did you get?  Let me know, I would love to hear.  And please everyone have a wonderful and safe New Year.  I look forward to spending more time with you and sharing more adventures from Sweetstuff's Sassy Succulents!

Until then remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Gerhard Bock said...

Wow, Santa was very good to you this year. Lots of great things. I love the ornaments you got at Ross. And the gift certificate to Annie's Annuals, who wouldn't want one of THOSE? If you need help carrying your shopping cart at Annie's, you know how to reach me, LOL.

The only garden-related gift I got was a new pair of work gloves. But at Thanksgiving my in-laws had already given me a couple of hand-made clay pots they'd found in a yard sale. Perfect for larger cacti or succulents.

Happy New Year!!

Joyful said...

My family no longer does gift exchange but now and then I "treat" myself. This year I really treated myself but nothing to do with gardening since the weather here is winter and raining.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Wowsers! You've must have been a really good girlie this year! Looking forward to seeing all your goods in the garden and how your framed succulents turn out. I got a nice little bundle of goodies too (I'm good at making sure my wish list gets placed in all the right hands)...Debra Lee Baldwins Succulent Watercolor Calendar, a beautiful red glass hummingbird feeder, Women In The Dirt BluRay far I've got my important dates on the calendar, no hummers at the feeder and half way through the movie :) ~Cindy Davison

Julie said...

Hey there Sweetstuff!!! Love all your goodies!!! Fabulosa!

The only garden related item I received for Christmas was a new drill. This is for drilling holes in my 5 gallon buckets, and in bottoms of other miscellaneous containers!

X o x o.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Oh yeah Julie, I did get a new drill and diamond drill bit for drilling holes in pots. I am glad you got one too! What a super gift. Now I can get more creative with crazy objects.

And Gerhard those hand made clay pots are probably awesome! I love that kind of stuff.

And Joy it is always good to treat yourself once in a while. You are such a good and giving person. Love to you!

And Cindy I bet that hummer feeder is awesome! They will come for sure!