Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update on Strawberry pot

I have a new follower named Becca from Australia.  She has a great blog called Trusting Skybax.  She has requested to know how the succulent strawberry pot was doing that I did a post about here.  So I am happy to oblige.  It is doing so great I was going to show you anyway.  I know I promised the next post would be on the Huntington's but I am still working on it.  

Succulent Flower pot side 1s

Side number 1.  It is filling in so nicely!

Succulent flower pot side 2

Another side and that Kalanchoe marnieriana is reaching out to grab you.  The Crassula muscosa has almost taken over the top.

Succulent flower pot view 3

Another view and look how large the echeveria glauca is.  You can't see the hole!

Favorite view of Succulent flower pot

This might be my favorite view!  The crassula perforata is doing very well in that hole in the center.  The Pachyphytum bracteosum in the bottom left has gotten big and plump.  I love that group of succulents.  And  Graptoveria 'Bella' right above it is awesomely enormous.  Is awesomely a word?  Haha!

Top view of Succulent strawberry pot

Top view of the pot.  Sorry to say the sedum donkey tail did not make it.  Not exactly sure why because I plant cuttings  in other places and they take hold.  Oh well, not much room in the top what with that Crassula muscosa and the Sedum Rubrotinctum taking over.  

Ok succulent lovers, back to work on the Huntington post I promised you.  Hope you all have a great week.

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Joyful said...

Is that what that pot is called? Learn something new every day ;-) You've filled it up and it looks real nice.

Julie said...

This is the best use of the C. muscosa (Watch Chain) I have ever seen! It looks wonderful up there in the top of your pot!!! All together it looks so pretty!!! You are making me think of what a fantastic gift this would make! A small one planted with just cuttings would be so nice as well...great hostess gift!

Becc said...

thanks so much for getting on to my request so quickly, Im amazed at how awesomely they are all going!, will definitely be giving this a go myself.

Cindy Davison said...

lovein the plant selection,'s "awesomely" creative!

Evelyn said...

Very very beautiful!

Gerhard Bock said...

Candy, your plants look so perfect. An amazing use of a strawberry pot. It never looks that great with strawberries in it :-).