Friday, September 30, 2011

Stuck in the Booty

This one is dangerous!

Cylindropuntia bigelovii, "Teddy Bear cholla', 'Jumping cholla'

One of the major pitfalls of working with cactus and succulents is all the times you get poked by cactus spines.  I am sure that there are many of you out there who can relate.  So today I went out to play in the succulents and take some pictures.  The echeveria 'black prince' in my succulent BBQ starting blooming for the first time.  So I got out my new point and shoot and pulled the BBQ into the sun.  As I bent over to take some photos.....OUCH!  I had bent over right into my Teddy Bear cholla.  Can you say Holy pain in the butt Batman?    So I carefully limped into the house and yelled for my son Jordan.  I had to yell quite a few times because he was upstairs.  So he comes down and I tell him the situation.  He was laughing his head off.  NICE!  I gave him the tweezers but the spines were too big.  I bent over in the kitchen and he pulled them out of my pants and butt one by one with his fingers.  Now these spines have a barbed end.  So OUCHIE!  I think there must have been 15.  I think I will be moving that cactus.  LOL

Spiker gel alert!

Close up view.  You can't see but the spines have little hooks on the end.

Blooming Prince

Echeveria 'Black Prince'
This is the flower I was trying to photograph when I was attacked!  LOL  Check out the little white dangley things hanging from the flowers.  I have not a clue what they are.

Hanging shadows

Sedum morganianum also called Donkey Tail sedum
The shadows looked so interesting this evening I had to take this photo.  I have a few of these in different pots.  They seem to like me.  But don't give them too much sun.

Haworthia pot

Haworthia glauca
I am not exactly sure that this is the correct name for this Haworthia.  But in looking it was the closest.  If anyone has a better guess please let me know.

Baby Saguaro

Saguaro cactus
I bought this baby Saguaro cactus when I was visiting my sister in Phoenix, AZ last year.  Believe it or not it has grown quite a bit.  Just won't get it's first arm until it is 60 years old or so.  Hope it lives that long, I know that I won't.  LOL

Baby of mine

Kalanchoe daigremontiana also call Mother of Thousands
This succulents came from Southwest Madagascar.  It can get up to 3' tall.  I think I have a couple that tall already.  This plant can be quite invasive to some gardners as every part of this plant can grow roots and multiply.  Even the thick stalk.

Deer Antlers

Machairophyllum latifolium
This is one of the strangest succulents in my collection.  The leaves are all shaped very strange as you can see.  It get's little bushy yellow flowers on the end of some stems.  You can see the dried up ones remaining.

That's it my friends!  Tomorrow I will be going to the Succulent Extravaganza in Castroville, CA  Very excited but it will be a long drive.  I'm bringing my camera of course and will let you share what I saw with you!  So have a great weekend everyone!

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Julie said...

Oh, the chills is evil!!! I can just see you now...not a pretty sight with those horrid spines in your tushy!!! Your cactus are all so purty!

Julie said...

My phone will not allow me to type the word whole without turning it into the word chills!!! What an aggravation!!!

Joyful said...

Beautiful succulents Candy. My you do have a lot of beautiful ones! Sorry to hear of your mishap and so glad your son was there to help you.

Rohrerbot said...

Oh goodness. Didn't we just write about this:) 2 things. 1. I like your posts because I'm getting better at looking at your pics and naming the plant without having to read your captions underneath. So thank you for your challenges you present to me even if you don't realize you're doing it:) And 2. Your pics are great....but Cholla cholla looks like what we call a Teddy Bear Cholla here. Oh my goodness. That cactus is a pain to have around. The Cactus Wren loves it however so it is a valuable when the sun reflects off this beast, it's gorgeous. One time we experimented with boots how they "jump". We put our foot out and just watched the piece stick to the bottom of the boot!!! That's how they propogate in the desert...and they spread by wildlife carrying them all around the desert!!! Be careful. Love the Saguaro. Good luck with sounds like a great experiment. Perhaps keep it in a pot for your lifetime and donate it to a Botanical Garden down the road? I don't know if it gets too wet(or cold) in your area. You are so lucky to have a baby Saguaro...our majestic Sonoran mascot:)

Mandy said...

Ouch! All the more reason for me to stick with the needleless ones...I would have cried for sure! Your last little guy is gorgeous! I have a tiny one that I dubbed my "Reindeer"...I even went so far to tell my husband that I brought him home a plant, being the happy hunter that he is! I'm going to give mine a little extra attention now, that would be awesome if he got half the size of yours!

Mandy said...

I got sidetracked with that last little guy...I meant to comment on the 'Black Prince'blooms...gorgeous!! I adore Echeveria blooms!!

I'm also super jealous that you're going to the Extravaganza!! That's a page I "like" on Facebook and I've been drooling over their posts. I can't wait to read all about it from your experience!

Gerhard Bock said...

Ouch! I laughed when I read your post, but it was a laugh of sympathy because I've poked myself more times than I can count. Luckily it sounds like the spines came out in one piece.

The glochids of prickly pears are the worst, in my opinion. They're impossible to get out without breaking off and you always miss a few that keep annoying you for days.

:: Bamboo and More ::

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Haha I am so glad I am challenging you Rohrerbot. It is a challenge for me to do the posts too because I cannot remember there names. LOL And the cholla.....yep it's the teddy bear. I went walking in the desert with sandals on and came out with them covered with these spines. Stupid.

And oh yeah the prickly pear are the worst. They will stay in you for days.

Hey Mandy I sent your package. Two days ago.

Thanks everyone for the great words!