Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Succulents at Oceanside

Succulents at Oceanside

Just got back from a vacation at Oceanside, CA. Every year during the summer
my husbands side of the family get together for a summer vacation. When the
kids were little we used to go to Catalina Island. Then because my
father in law's disease PLS had progressed so much he could no longer get on his boat the Erawan. So we started taking vacations in different locations. We've stayed in about 3 or 4 locations but the condo at Oceanside is our favorite. A small street runs along side the ocean called the Strand. It runs from our condo complex all the way to the pier. Along this street are little old bungalow houses that are pretty old. Most have been converted to vacation rentals. But a few are still privately owned and they are all so great. It is wonderful to take a walk down the strand (practically no one drives on it) to the pier. Along the way I found this awesome house surrounded by succulents. My kind of person. But darn they weren't home. So I took some pictures to share.

Brain Coral

Here is another shot of succulents at this house. It is a beautiful Crassula arborescens 'Blue Waves and behind to the left is a Stapelia gigantea!

Succulent House beauty

This person had plants in the ground and a lot in pots. Aeoniums, kalanchoes, crassula's you name it!

Trail of succulents

Anywhere he/she could put succulents they did. Along side the house where there was no planter was a row of potted plants leading to her small fenced in back yard area.

Me and the succulent house

Of course I had to have Stan take a picture of me beside my great find. This was taken on the 4th of July. They close down the street and all kinds of people are walking up and down the Strand. Tons of people swimming and camping out on the beach. Music was playing and vendors are out selling food and Hawaiian ice. The Strand is the street in the right of the picture.

Succulent frame

I snuck around to the back yard area. The fence only came as high as my stomach on the sides. So I peaked over and saw some wonderful things. Above is this persons succulents frame. They did a pretty good job but everything needed water. I wish I could have done it but it wasn't my house. Makes you feel kind of helpless doesn't it?

New ideas

Now this was very interesting. I don't know exactly what this was originally
for but she stuffed the nooks and cranny's with moss then added cuttings.
Hanging on the fence it looked pretty neat!

Succulent CD Tower

Check out this interesting idea! Looking in the back yard of this fellow succulent lover I found this long tall succulent thing. I finally figured it out and was so surprised. He/she had taken an old CD tower, put wire mesh in it and stuffed it with moss. They then stuck cuttings all around. I think it is a project in the making but I really like the idea.
So I may have to check out some garage sales to see if I can pick up one cheap.

Euphorbia with lots of babies!

Another house just down the street had this wonderful Euphorbia horrida.
It had a lot a new little ones at the base. The color is fabulous on this beautiful succulent.

End of The Strand

I wanted to leave this post with a shot from our condo balcony looking
out toward the right. You can see the end of the The Strand and the pier. There are a lot of little squirrels living in the breaker rocks. We see them peek out at us and they peep! Lots of peeping going on. So funny!

On the 6th of July we did Stan's Dad's spreading the ashes at sea.
It was an amazing evening! I will tell you all about it on my next post.

Hope everyone's 4th was happy and safe. Have a super week and will talk to you soon.

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Joyful said...

I enjoyed the tour and all the succulents. I had to chuckle at the end because my last blog post is called "Peeping Eyes"....comes take a look ;-)

Spiky Obsession said...

What a great little garden. I can imagine your disappointment at not being about to get closer and have a chat with the owner. I like the living pictures, and have just finished my first one, (which is shown in my latest blog post) I imagine the moss would be light but would dry out and need to be watched quite carefully.

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I'm lovin' the plant combinations and containers! Quite inspiring. I'm glad you had a good trip!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you all! I'm comin a visitin! Can't wait to see what is peepin! LOL

J Bar said...

Fantastic shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Rohrerbot said...

That was an amazing tour!!! Where do people get those ideas for arrangements? It is incredible. I love the frame idea.And just how many succulents are there? Plus Euphorbia horrida??? That is a gorgeous plant which I've never heard of before. I thought about you today while I was writing a post on succulents for August. I'm nothing compared to you....seriously your shots give me so many artsy ideas. Thank you.
One last thing...so I placed all these succulents into my very hot plant wells in May and I'm discovering that some will take hellish light and heat! I was testing succulent strength....the crassula burns up, but some of the others are thriving.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you soooo much for the great compliment Rohrerbot! I am so glad to hear I give you some ideas! Wait till you see the post of the trip I just made to High Hand Nursery. They had some new succulent arrangement that were so awesome! And yes sometimes you need to experiment to see where some succulents will do the best. Sorry to hear the crassula burned up. Some of them do well in a lot of heat and sun though.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Oh and you know I just look at all the succulents I have. Try to arrange them by different color for contrast and then have a thriller, spiller and fillers if possible in the same pot.

Julie said...

Oh gosh, Candy...this looks heavenly!!! What a perfect vacation spot! Those stuffed CD case and other thing on the fence looked awesome!!! I took a succulent wreath making class with my SIL, but ended up dismantling it beacuse it wasn't good enough!!! Hehehe...well...you know...everything grew at varied heights, and I just couldn't take it! I love how that one thing was full of mostly orange colored sux. That is cool...wouldn't mind trying this!!!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Hi Julie! Yes the different heights thing can be a problem I bet with this kind of container planting. You need to think about that before you plant them. I have never done anything like this but would like to try. I would have liked to see yours. I bet it was cool!

Matt and Bobbie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time!! I'm envious! I am really enjoying the photos of the Mystery Succulent Lover's garden. They have so many great ideas for display. Love it--very inspiring! And it looks like you had an amazing view from your condo!

Cassy said...

Those are truly amazing photos of cactus.

Cassy from Play Electric Guitar