Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Latest look at SSS's!

Last blooms on my giant opuntia

It's the middle of Summer and usually we have some really intense heat here in
Roseville, CA. But this year has been really strange. It seemed like we would never get any warm weather and then it got pretty hot. But the last week or so the weather has been so beautiful. It's been in the 80's during the day and nice and cool at night. The state fair is on in Sacramento and usually the heat is so intense I only go at night. So I went the other day with my Dad, nephew and 3rd cousin. We had the greatest time. The weather was awesome and we saw some 5 day old baby pigs and a calf that was 1 1/2 hours old. I'll do a post on it.

Is it Christmas?

My Opuntia Robusta is doing great. After this shot I took all the old fruit off and now new ones are forming after flowering. I think I will try to taste those and see if they are yummy!

It sure is crowded!

I have so many pots of succulents now that my husband is getting grumpy that
we can't sit under our gazebo anymore. So I am putting them in groupings and some are kind of mushed together. It looks good though. In this shot you see Aeonium canariense in the foreground to the left. In the back is Donkey tail sedum hanging down and bringing your attention to the pot below. In it are two kinds of Kalanchoe. One is Kalanchoe baharensis "Fang" and the other is Kalanchoe daiergmontiana or "Mother of Thousands" I did not plant this here. It started from a baby of another plant and has grown huge.

Sunburst crazy

This is Aeonium Davidbramwellii sunburst f.m.a. cristata.
It was a cutting gift from my succulent buddy Cindy over at Bug Safari!
I absolutely love this little succulent and it is now one of my favorite's. I like the pink around the edges and the little brown stripe at the tips.

Pink, yellow and blue

All of my echeveria are almost done blooming. But a few are still going strong like this echeveria glauca. I love the color contrasts of this succulent.

Ok hope everyone is having a great summer and I will visit soon!

It's Another Beautiful Day


Cindy said...

Your plants are looking fantastic as always. So nice to see how the aeonium I sent you last year as a pitiful (and almost microscopic) cutting has flourished under your care :)

Matt and Bobbie said...

Wow--your opuntia is enormus! I've never seen one so lush and full. And the prickly pear fruit looks so yummy! Your potted succulents look really nice all grouped together--hope you can sit under the gazebo now!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thanks you guys! Yes we can sit under the gazebo now. LOL And I can't wait to taste the new fruit! Oh and that opuntia is about 10 years old. The other one was bigger and fell down in the spring! Waaah!

Sueli said...

Your plants are very beautiful and the new layout of the blog too.
Have a nice day!

Lisa said...

I'm amazed with the first photo. It's too huge and looks nice. I saw same plant in our neighbor but not as big as that.

You have a beautiful flower collection.

Lisa from video-guitar-lessons-personal-teacher

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you so much Sueli. Everything is doing good this year. Thank you for the compliment on the new layout. My son designed my new logo.

And thank you for visiting Lisa! It is really great to hear from you. That plant is a monster and gets trimmed twice a year. It had a twin about 30 feet away but this spring it actually collapsed because it got too much rain.

Julie said...

I just love all of your succulents, Candy!!! You can really grow em!!!
Love all the colored blooms, etc. in your sidebar also!!!

Anonymous said...

My cactus are blooming like crazy. Never done this before. The blooms are huge. 1910 moreno street, by the 78/5 interchange. You are welcome to come by and see them. North side of the house.

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

What city is that in?