Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Cactus Monday...A break in the rain!

It has been raining so much in the Sacramento valley the last two weeks. So when we had a break in the rain the other day I ran outside and took some shots of a few of my beauties in the garden.

Here comes the sun

This is one of two large pots that sits in my backyard in the planter that goes around my fence. I love the color in this pot. It is stuffed with an unnamed echeveria, sedum rubotrinctum and sedum adolphii. Those echeveria blooms are ready to open. I can't wait. I'll take another shot when they do so you can see.

Purple beauty!

My Opuntia 'Santa Rita' is looking amazing this time of year. It has plenty of blooms and some are already open. I am having a problem though. It has developed scale. Does anyone know of how to get rid of it without hurting the plant?


The sun was shining just so and it made this flower look like a light bulb or a torch from underneath. It's a bloom from another Opuntia in the back. I just had to show you!

New growth

Look at all the new pads this opuntia is developing. I love this one because of the color and it has a great shape. It has very few needles and grows pretty slow. I did make a mistake and did not remove the fruit from last year. So it has stopped producing some new pads on part of the plant. Hopefully I can pop them right off. I don't want the plant to get lopsided.

Hope everyone is having a great Cactus Monday and the rest of the week is super!


It's Another Beautiful Day


Gerhard Bock said...

Wow, stunning plants. I especially love your Opuntia 'Santa Rita'. I have a small one, and it isn't blooming yet.

As for scale, I read once that you can remove them with a Q-tip moistened with rubbing alcohol.


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Cindy said...

Beautiful photos! Love the purple. I still have the pad you sent me last year. It hasn't put out any new growth yet, but it hasn't shriveled away, so there's still hope.

Do you ever do anything with the fruits on that opuntia? (like eat them, I mean, 'cause they look tasty)

Rohrerbot said...

Truly beautiful! I can't believe you can grow those guys up there with all the rain! Well the succulents yes...but the cacti? In any case, they all look healthy and happy. On the scale, it won't do much to your it on the purple variety? Or the Engelmann? Gerhard is correct with elimination...if they really really bother you or they are taking over all of the cactus, just use a q-tip and some alchol to get those buggers off. Enjoy the rain. We are going to have another one of those devastating summers here in Tucson....terrible winter backed up with a hot drought's a wonder anything can grow here at all!!!

Stephanie said...

The first pic shows how much the sun is blessing your succulent plants. I love your O. 'Santa Ria' is marvellous!!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thanks so much Gerhard. Don't worry just keep in full sun and it will grow and give you blooms. They grow slow.

Hey Cindy keep growing that pad. It will get new pads before you know it. It is a slow grower though. And yes I have eaten the fruit before. You have to get it just when it is ripe or its not sweet. It is hard to get the tasty fruit out.

Yes it can be a challenge Robert when growing cactus here. But we usually do not have this much rain. By now the temps are in the 90's and it has been pretty dry for a while. The scale is getting out of hand even though it doesn't hurt the opuntia's. I think it is on every variety. I think it would take forever to do the Q tip method. I have heard of an oil that you brush on that kills them. They can't breath and die. I don't know, I may try both.

And thanks so much Stephanie! I love it's color. It is so pretty!

Julie said...

That first pot is so beautiful!!! Paradise, there in your backyard!!!

Fresh impulse said...

I love cactuses. They have beautiful flowers!



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thebluemuse said...

Gorgeous! I just moved back to Sacramento from Phoenix and bought a few cacti to remember the desert. I hope mine are as beautiful as yours someday!

Matt and Bobbie said...

Beautiful photographs! I love the blossom with the sun shining through it. Your sun wall hanging is also really neat. Wow--your Opuntia is growing new pads like crazy! The fruits are really bright red--they look like strawberries, I bet they are yummy!

Mandy said...

That first pot is absolutely stunning! All of the blooms are gorgeous too!

Monty Montgomery said...

Wish I was complaining about too much rain. We're in stage 2 water rationing in my area, and there's no rain in sight. Things are bad in Texas.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

I'm so sorry Monty I have heard about that. I hope it rains soon!

landscape design san diego said...

Wow, stunning plants. I especially love your Opuntia 'Santa Rita'. I have a small one, and it isn't blooming yet.

romance-of-roses said...

Great pictures Candy, our cactus bloomed gorgeous yellow flowers, too bad they don't last too long. Another bloomed, we were waiting and waiting for it and then guess what...we missed it. It only bloomed one day.
Love all your cactus.

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I recently got a Santa Rita. I hope it gets as beautiful as yours! ...sooooo jealous...