Monday, May 30, 2011

More New Succulents

Alrighty! So last night I had this great post done with photos, information and pithy commentary and when I went to view it Blogger gave me a big error sign and to make matters worse it had not auto saved!!!! Arggggh! First time I've had a problem like this and it sure taught me a lesson. From now on I will save myself and preview before I publish. I usually do that but for some reason I didn't. Maybe it had to do with the fact that it was 1:30 a.m. LOL

So let's start again! Hello happy gardeners out there! And everyone else that might be reading this. I gotta tell ya that I hope that someone is having some good weather because we are not. It is very unusual here with lots of rain and cloudy days. You know that old saying, do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb? Well, do you think the rain will hurt the succulents! I sure hope not!

I thought I would show you some great succulents up close and personal. Most of these succulents are already cozy in pots or planters with other succulents.

Lily Pad

Aeonium Lily Pad
This is a new aeonium I found. It is very interesting and has really thick leaves. It is a hybrid. Like a lot of aeoniums it goes dormant in the summer. It will be under 6 inches in height. It likes light shade to partial shade. It also likes to have it's feet wet. Do not let it dry out between watering.


Haworthia Limifolia
This succulent likes sun to partial shade. It gets a flower stalk on it that looks kind of like an aloe until it blooms. The flowers are white.


Now this succulent I named Shark! Look at those teeth. It is a type of aloe but I do not know the name. I hope a succulent friend out there will be able to help. Anybody?

Ain't she sweet!

Crassula Tetragona 'Mini Pine Tree'
This plant hails from South Africa. It will form a branching shrub and likes bright light to sun.

How weird is this?

Senecio Kleiniiformis
This one is also from South Africa. It is great ground cover or as a filler in your garden pot. It likes bright light.

Cocoon Plant

Senecio Haworthii 'Cocoon Plant'
Another plant from South Africa. The long slender leaves are actually fuzzy. It likes bright light and gets yellowish orange flowers.

Aeonium 'Catlin hybrid'

Aeonium Catlin hybrid
I just love aeoniums. This is one is a beauty and grows really well. It will be about 18 inches tall in bushy clumps. The rosettes can be 6 to 8 inches across. Believe it or not these guys are dormant in the summer and grows the best in the winter. Cover in the winter and keep from frost.

I think I've tickled your fancy enough for now. So if you don't grow succulents just try integrating them in with your regular plants in pots or in the ground. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Have a great week!

It's Another Beautiful Day!


Stephanie said...

I find senecios rather interesting. I didn't realise there are succulents in this genus. And I like Aeonium Catlin hybrid - looks like a flower - a pretty one :-D

Spiky Obsession said...

Lovely plants as always. If you are an aeonium fan and don't already have it you must track down a. nobile.
Sadly I think the aloe will take a while to ID there are too many that look like that when little. A lovely plant though.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Yes Stephanie there are quite a few senecio's that are succulents. I think I may only have 3. Very different.

I know what you mean on the aloe. I have searched for a name but a lot of them look like this!

Julie said...

The mystery suculent sure is good looking! It puts me in mind of a gasteria...with the way the leaves grow, but with the teeth...hmmm...I wonder what it is???

All of your plants are just over the top! Love seeing them all up close and personal!

Matt and Bobbie said...

Great post! I was just thinking about a crassula "mini pine tree" I used to have (it ended up dying on me) and would like to find another one. I also really like the beautiful "cocoon plant" Hope you get some nice weather soon!! Ours just started turning nice about a week ago. P.S. I like the new look of your blog!

Gerhard Bock said...

Candy, I'm so glad I found your blog. Your photos are awesome. I love succulents, too, as you can see in many posts on my blog. Maybe we'll run into each other at an event in the Sacramento area? We only live 30 minutes apart.

:: Bamboo and More ::

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thanks Gerhard, I like your blog also. It's great to make new friends and now I have a local one. Yes, maybe we can meet at an event sometime.

Sueli said...

Hi Candy, very beautiful pictures. Have a nice weekend! Sueli

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

senecio's are my fav!