Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have been a busy girl!

First of all I sure hope that you all had a fabulous Mother's day. I sure did and was spoiled rotten. I love it and my family so much. I woke up and both my boys (22 and 24) ran upstairs and asked what I wanted for breakfast. Then I got breakfast in bed. Wow! When I came downstairs I found all kind of flowers, cards and a really awesome gardening seat. It called the The Garden Rocker Comfort Seat. It is so incredible. I have already used it outside and it is crazy convenient. I can swivel side to side, lean forward without hurting my back and spin in a circle if I need to. I ordered a padded seat to go with it.
Then Stan said there was a second surprise. WHAT? He took me out front and to the side of the house where the gate is. And he had gotten up early and dug up these two huge plants (I have no idea what they are called) that have been in the ground for 15 years. That is how long we have lived at our house. So now I have another area to make a succulent bed in the front. I also have the area where the giant optunia fell this spring. It is completely gone now and I am looking for succulents to plant. I don't have pics of the spots yet but will soon.
The rest of the day was BBQ with family and then in the evening the Sunday night kids came and brought me cards and a Baskin Robbins cake shaped like a cute pink purse! Yummo!

I have been crazy busy in the yard. Planting, trimming and re-potting plants. I have taken lots of cuttings and let the ends harden over and am using them to fill in spots in my front and side gate planters.

Red Yucca ready to plant

This Red Yucca is just waiting to be planted!

Crazy Succulent

I bought this plant last year but I have no idea what the name is. I did find it on someone's photostream at one time but darn if I forgot where I put the name. Gotta keep looking but if anyone knows the name I sure would like to know!

Happy Turtle pot

I planted my ceramic turtle! I put Euphorbia 'red wing', in the center, on the right is Kalanchoe longiflora coccinia, left is Aeonium 'catlin hybrid' and in front is Senecio citriformis.

I have so many plants to show you but can't with each post. I'll show you more in a couple of days.


It's Another Beautiful Day


Cindy said...

Candy, your yard and plants are just getting more spectacular with each post.

We have something similar to that long, skinny leafless thing at the arboretum, except I'm not sure if it makes its branches in such a "fork-like" manner. Of course ours is a lot bigger, and it's literally gotten tangled up with itself and the plant next to it. I''m supposed to go to the arboretum later today. I'll try to get the name of it.

Cindy said...

OK, the arboretum plant is Folotsia grandiflora, native to Madagascar. You can see a picture of it here. (the first 2 pics.) But I'm starting to doubt that it's the same plant as yours. Ours is more viney, has blunt tips, and doesn't branch out like a fork like yours does.

Cindy said...

...and now I see spots on your plant (areoles?) that the arboretum plant doesn't have. So I guess that rules it out.

Joyful said...

I love the garden. Sadly it is raining so much here that I haven't planted except for pots and those are getting waterlogged.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Wow Cindy, thank you so much for trying. But you are right, that is not it. I have to remember where I saw it. I think it was in Flickr. So I am going to look in all my favorites to see if I can find it! You are the greatest!

And I wish the rain would stop for you Joyful but maybe you need it where you live! The sun will hopefully come out soon!

Mandy said...


Yours looks just like something I brought home a few weeks ago called a Pedilanthus macrocarpus or Lady's Slipper Plant. I'll take a picture of mine and post it later, but I really think they're the same thing. They get the cutest little slipper looking blooms that I can't wait to see!!

They're all gorgeous...as always!

Mandy said...

I meant Candy...all the "Cindy's" caused much confusion for me! I forgot to tell you how much I adore your turtle...she's really cute! It will be fun to watch everything grow and spill over!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Hahaha! Thanks Mandy, I will look it up and see. Don't worry about the Cindy thing, I am used to it. My sister's name is Cindy!

Julie said...

Candy and Cindy! How sweet. My sisters name is Judie...spelled just one letter different from mine too!

OK...now...I hope you guys can figure out what plant you have there!!! Sounds like Mandy is quite sure!!!

Your planter will be fun when it gets all filled in!

Your plants are all so neat to look at...such a vast assay, girlfriend!!!

Take care...Julie

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Cindy and Mandy I have absolutely found out what this strange succulent is called. It's Euphorbia leucodendron. I looked and looked and I am positive. Once I came up with the name I looked online and saw tons of photos of it at different stages. I am sure. Thank you so much for all your help.

And Julie that is so funny. My Mom always called us by the wrong names and if she did that she then said, "OK Buella (me) and Queenie (Cindy) you know who you are!" Hahahah!

Succuland said...

Hi Candy
I believe you had a wonderful time with your suns and husband in Mother's day even you were busy with all gardening works. I love your pot desing with your ceramic turtle and I want to see it soon very well thriving succulents in this pot. Your new plant can be euphorbia trucalli? Have a great gardening days!!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

very cool...

Diane AZ said...

That was wonderful of your guys to get you the gardening seat and dig up the plants for new a succulent bed! Sounds like you had a beautiful day. :)

Matt and Bobbie said...

It sounds like you had a great Mother's Day--you deserve it! I love your turtle planter--so cute, and I really like that Kalanchoe. Very nice!!

Evelyn said...

Wonderful! And I always enjoy your photos.