Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's new in your garden?

Beautiful confusion

Aeonium 'Blushing Beauty' crest A. canariense beauty X arboreum 'Zwartkop'

I have some new plants. I just can't keep myself away from Lowe's and Home Depot. And after I get these planted I will be checking out the nurseries! Hee hee, I am giddy with joy about this time of year. I bet a lot of you are too. I would like to share with you some of the pretties I have acquired and hope you will do the same in return. I can't show you everything in one post so I will have to break it up! I am so funny, what a succulent glutton I am!

Aeonium 'Blushing Beauty' crest A. canariense beauty X arboreum 'Zwartkop 1

Here is my crested aeonium potted in a great pot I found a few months ago at Sam's. I think I show'd it to you a month or so ago. I also put some cutting of sedum 'blue spruce around the bottom edge. As it grows and fills in it will spill over the side. I like the contrast in colors.

Red stripes

Here's another pretty little aeonium called Aeonium 'Silver Edge'.

Cape Speckled Aloe 'Aloe microstigma'

I hope to get this sharp edged aloe in the ground in time for it to send out a flower stalk. It is called: Cape Speckled Aloe 'Aloe microstigma'

Pink and green and great color combo

I love the color combination of this crassula. It can crawl and you can use it as a hanging over the edge of pot plant. It is called: Crassula marginalis rubra 'Variegata' Calico Kitten.

Pink Tips

I just love this little echeveria! Look at the pink tips! It's called Echeveria peacockii.

California Sunset

This is a type of graptosedum. Wonderful purple and greens. It can also make a nice plant to hang over the edge of a pot. This succulent is called Graptosedum 'California Sunset'.

Kalanchoe Longiflora coccinea

I am in love with Kalanchoe's this year. I found a couple of more really great ones which I will show you another time. This one is called Kalanchoe Longiflora coccinea.


I love this little guy! These are some of my favorite succulents. They are just so plump and cute. It's called Pachyveria 'Blue Pearl'.


So I pulled an echeveria out of a root bound little pot. Don't know the name of it because I didn't have a name when I bought it. I may have to do a little research. So I picked some succulents to go around it that I thought would complement the large echeveria with color and shape and some that may spill over the edge. The result is above.

So what new plants have you bought?


Joyful said...

I bought a bunch of new plants for the garden but I am not at home so I don't know how they are doing. I also bought a small succulent "hens and chicks" (a darker colour, almost purpose with lighter tips);

Rohrerbot said...

I spent 90 bucks on succulents this past weekend!!! I had to buy every one....I put them in the garden and they look amazing....there are pics coming, but I have to label them....addicted to succulents:0

Monty said...

I love your new plants! You have such a great eye for detail with all of your plant groupings - I really enjoy your blog. It has given me so many ideas for ways to pot new plants. I bought two new dragon trees to replace the two I lost in the 2010 freeze, and I have also bought a few non-succulent plants, mostly coleus. But I've really been on a mexican pot-buying binge lately. If you check out my flick'r page you'll see some of them. The fish planter I bought has not been posted there yet, but I'll do that this weekend. Keep up the good work with the plants. I sure enjoy your photos!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

I bet you can't wait to get home Joy! And I would love to see your hens and chicks. Many echeverias and even sempervivum are called this. They each develop little babies around the edges!

Cool I can't wait to see the pics of your succulents. I am addicted too!

Thank you Monty, I will have to look at your flickr photos and see your pots. I am glad you have gotten some ideas on planting your succulents. I planted my fish planter but haven't posted yet either! Coleus leaves are so pretty.

Have fun planting everyone!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Monty I clicked on your name to get your profile and it did not give me anything. So I can't remember if you have a blog and don't know your flickr site. You make have to unblock your profile.

Monty said...

Sorry, Candy. My handle on Flickr is Rare440. You just commented on my pig planters the other day. Do you ever trade plant cuttings? If so, I'd be open to swapping some with you, if you're interested. Have a wonderful Easter!

Sueli said...

Hi Candy, very beautiful plants...I love aeonium, echeverria, kalanchoe....Have a nice day!

Mandy said...

I love them all! I went on my binge a few weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to posting them. These are beautiful!!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you so much Sueli! I love them too!

Awesome Mandy, can't wait to see what you got.

And Monty, yes I would love to swap cuttings. Do you live in the U.S.? I think you do, probably a stupid question. LOL

Monty Montgomery said...

I live in Hondo, TX, Candy. That's west of San Antonio - so yes, we can swap cuttings without much trouble! I'm creating a blog to show my plants, so check it out when you have time. Happy planting!

Evelyn said...

Wow, you have quite a collection. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos

Marsha Botset said...

I have seen a Aeonium Blushing Beauty Crest Canariense X Arboreum Zwartkop in a shop. I have tried to find the plant to purchase, but no one seems to know what they are. Do you? Where can I locate one? The shop said they bought it at Lowe's, but Lowe's said they don't know about it. Can you help me?