Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Cactus Monday...Unusual Succulent Blooms

Gasteria liliputana Ox-Tongue flower

Happy Cactus Monday my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Today I thought I would show you some interesting succulents blooms. The picture above is of Gasteria liliputana Ox-Tongue. It is a very tiny flower.

Monanthes polyphylla, in family Crassulaceae.

This one is very unusual. This plant is in the Crassulaceae family. The plant itself is these little green bumpy mounds and then out poke these stems with little balls on them. When they opened I saw the flower above. This plant is called Monanthes polyphylla.

Pleiospilos nelii 'Split Rock' native to Africa

This beauty is one of my all time favorite succulent blooms. I just find it so unusual. Shape, color variation and everything was just so unexpected. It belong to Pleiospilos nelii also called 'Split Rock'. This rock shaped succulent is native to Africa.

You can't touch this

I really don't know the name of the succulent this came from but I like the shot. I was holding the bloom with my yellow gardening gloves.

From the sea?

This bizarre bloom is from a spineless optunia 'prickly pear' that I have growing in my backyard. I couldn't believe the flowers when I first saw them. They look like something out of the sea!

Itty Bitty
Last but not least are these pretty little blooms. Not so unusual but I love the color. They are flowers from Kalanchoe manginii.

I hope everyone has an awesome week and super Cactus Monday!
And remember:
It's Another Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's new in your garden?

Beautiful confusion

Aeonium 'Blushing Beauty' crest A. canariense beauty X arboreum 'Zwartkop'

I have some new plants. I just can't keep myself away from Lowe's and Home Depot. And after I get these planted I will be checking out the nurseries! Hee hee, I am giddy with joy about this time of year. I bet a lot of you are too. I would like to share with you some of the pretties I have acquired and hope you will do the same in return. I can't show you everything in one post so I will have to break it up! I am so funny, what a succulent glutton I am!

Aeonium 'Blushing Beauty' crest A. canariense beauty X arboreum 'Zwartkop 1

Here is my crested aeonium potted in a great pot I found a few months ago at Sam's. I think I show'd it to you a month or so ago. I also put some cutting of sedum 'blue spruce around the bottom edge. As it grows and fills in it will spill over the side. I like the contrast in colors.

Red stripes

Here's another pretty little aeonium called Aeonium 'Silver Edge'.

Cape Speckled Aloe 'Aloe microstigma'

I hope to get this sharp edged aloe in the ground in time for it to send out a flower stalk. It is called: Cape Speckled Aloe 'Aloe microstigma'

Pink and green and great color combo

I love the color combination of this crassula. It can crawl and you can use it as a hanging over the edge of pot plant. It is called: Crassula marginalis rubra 'Variegata' Calico Kitten.

Pink Tips

I just love this little echeveria! Look at the pink tips! It's called Echeveria peacockii.

California Sunset

This is a type of graptosedum. Wonderful purple and greens. It can also make a nice plant to hang over the edge of a pot. This succulent is called Graptosedum 'California Sunset'.

Kalanchoe Longiflora coccinea

I am in love with Kalanchoe's this year. I found a couple of more really great ones which I will show you another time. This one is called Kalanchoe Longiflora coccinea.


I love this little guy! These are some of my favorite succulents. They are just so plump and cute. It's called Pachyveria 'Blue Pearl'.


So I pulled an echeveria out of a root bound little pot. Don't know the name of it because I didn't have a name when I bought it. I may have to do a little research. So I picked some succulents to go around it that I thought would complement the large echeveria with color and shape and some that may spill over the edge. The result is above.

So what new plants have you bought?

Monday, April 11, 2011

California State Flower, Food & Garden Show


This weekend was the annual California State Flower, Food & Garden show. It is held at the State Fair grounds here in Sacramento. It was actually Thursday the 7th through Sunday the 10th. Every day was filled with flowers, plants and seminars. Unfortunately I didn't know about it until Friday afternoon. Stan told me about it and they had discounts in the newspaper. Yeah! We (my bf Lorna and I ) could not go until Sunday though. Wish we could have gone Saturday but we had Jordy's birthday to celebrate. On the last day they don't have quite the inventory of great plants and interesting garden stuff. Probably because by then all the good stuff has been bought! Oh well, we are going anyway!

So first of all you have to pay to park at the fair grounds. $10.00 for a parking spot. Wow! Then since we each had a $1.00 off coupon we got into the show for $11.00. Based on what the internet site showed I really expected more booths outside of the Pavilion. Maybe there were more before Sunday.

Metal Mariachi

So when we first entered the show outside we were met by a great booth with really great metal sculpture and beautiful works to hang in your garden. Some were very interesting and unique like this mariachi band.


I sure would have liked to purchase some of these great garden decorations from Stone Garden Creations. They would have looked great in Sweetstuff's Sassy Succulent garden.


There were a couple of great orchid booths! So many different kind of orchids it was mind boggling! Every color of the rainbow and from large to so small you could hardly tell it was an orchid unless you used close up reading glasses! Steve at The Rainforest Garden would have gone crazy!


Another couple of great orchid booths were Asbell Orchids and Orchids Fiori D'Amore. Really beautiful!

Purple veins

My camera is not working well! Again! I already tried to have it fixed. So now I am on the hunt for another. So some of my shots are not as clear and sharp as I would like.

My favorite booth was Garden Hortica

Garden Hortica

Garden Hortica is where urban nursery meets garden design. They have created a multi use space to grow food, ornamental plants, promote garden art and is a gathering garden space right in downtown Oakland, CA. I met the owner David and he gave me some terrific deals on some great hard to find succulents.

Echeveria Subridgida

Here is a beautiful display of Echeveria Subridgida. And OH YEAH I bought one of these bad boys! Can't wait to watch it grow!


Look at all the pretty's! I went home with about 25 plants. David made me realize that I need to start my own lithop garden. So I bought quite a few from him and I will plant them tomorrow. He gave me excellent tips on growing them. He doesn't have a blog yet but hopefully he will start one. You can follow him on his facebook page though.

Bought it!

Here's another great succulent I bought from Garden Hortica.


This booth was huge and full of baskets of bulbs. The Lily Pad bulb farm. They had bulbs of every kind you could want.

And get this, one of the seminars that they had on Sunday was by Debra Lee Baldwin. It was called Designing with Succulents. She wrote the books, Designing with Succulents and Succulent Container Gardens. And if I would have only looked at the schedule online I would have seen this seminar. But nooooo I didn't and by the time we got there I missed it by an hour. Ugh!

Gourd planter

The California Gourd Society was there with some very impressive pots made from gourds. I took a picture of my favorite above (because it had succulents in it). Some were carved and decorated with beads. Very southwestern and would compliment the decor in any home. They also had make 'n take courtyard. Here they had instructors that would show you how to decorate and or stain your gourd for a price of course and take them home. They had other such hands on workshops like floral arranging, painting flower pots and even an area for kids. They could create worm bins, make gourd bird houses and make floral arrangements.

I bet you are wondering about the food part of this event. Well the first thing we got when we walked in was a large hot sticky bag of just made kettle corn. Man was it good. They had seasoned nuts, garlic festival foods, coffee and chocolates. Lots more too. And I gotta tell ya I fell in love with street tacos. If you haven't had any you should try them. I could have eaten a 1/2 dozen. They are smaller than normal corn tortillas with either carne asada or chicken. Topped with onions, tomatoes and cilantro. Served with a wedge of lime that you squeeze on the top and then enjoy. Yummo! They even had cooking seminars, but we didn't go to one.

All in all they had about 33 different speakers over the 4 days. So there was always a seminar going on in the pavilion building somewhere. They also had gardens designed and displayed by different designing and landscaping companies in our area. The theme this year was "Where Dreams Grow". They were really well done but my camera shots did not do them justice. Can't wait for that new camera.

Well that's about it. Had a good time. Next year I will pay attention and try to hit it on an earlier day. And hopefully Debra Lee Baldwin will be back so I can hear her seminar.

Until next post, I hope everyone is well and enjoying the great spring weather. And remember:

It's Another Beautiful Day!