Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Another Miserable Day!

Water, water everywhere!

So we have had about a solid 2 weeks of rain. Everything is saturated. I am so sick of it you wouldn't believe. Every morning we wake up to rain and sometimes high winds. It has even hailed here many times. Wouldn't you know this all started after I took my succulents out of the garage and put them under the gazebo. I have even stacked them on tables but the ones around the edges are still getting more water than usual. Hopefully they will be ok. We are suppose to have some much needed sun and clear skys next week so hopefully it will last for a while.
Sorry I have been missing for a bit.
Since February 10th when my father in law passed away it has been pretty busy. We stayed at my mother in laws for an additional week to make sure she is ok. Then we come home to rain, rain, rain, Then last Friday I had lunch with my Dad who is 88. He was fine and dandy. We saw a movie and everything was great. Then he went home and a few hours later called me in acute distress! Saying that he was all dried out and felt weird. He wanted me to come over. I live 40 minutes away. But I realized that the situation was too serious to wait. So I had him unlock his doors and that I was calling 911. I did this and Stan and I jumped in the car. On the way I called his house and a fireman told me where they were going to take him. In the emergency room they had him all hooked up and already giving him fluids. He was seriously dehydrated! Blood tests showed his potassium level was very, very low which made his heart beat funny. He didn't know if it was a.m. or p.m. He also didn't know what day we had met for lunch (that day)! They did a cat scan of his brain and xray of his chest. Both were clear. So they kept him overnight of course and by the next day determined he had an infection because his white blood cell count was very high. Gave him I.V. antibiotics and still tons of fluids and potassium. By morning his heart was back to a normal rhythum and he was sharp as a tack again. Yeah! They think he had some sort of virus. And then Sunday afternoon they let him go home. I spent the night at his house with him and then saw him 3 more times this week. Still doing great now but that sure was scarey.
I will post some pretty pictures tomorrow! Believe it or not I see some sun outside.
Wonder how long it will last. Hahahaha!


Rohrerbot said...

I am glad you called 911 for your dad!! Who cares about the rain! Dad comes first and you saved his life. The bad stuff always seems to happen in clusters....hopefully this is the end of that nasty cycle. Hang in there!!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Yes you are sooo right! My Dad comes first for sure. If I waiting till I got there I have a feeling he might not have made it.

It is hard to garden in the cold and rain though. Monday promises sunny days and temps in 70's to 80's. Can't wait!

Julie said...

What a terrible turn of events! So sudden...I know you just couldn't even believe it!!! I'm so glad they got him all fixed up and he is doing OK again! Goodness. What a scary time.

Sorry for all your darn rain! I had heard there were storms or incliment weather out there. Hope you dry up right NOW!!!

Mandy said...

How scarey, I'm glad you got him help right away and that everything came out ok. Wow!

Glad you're drying up, we'd love some of the rain here!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you so much Julie and Mandy! Dad is doing really great!