Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Cactus Monday


Happy Cactus Monday
So today was not quite as rainy but it was cool and overcast all day. They promise sunshine tomorrow and into the week. I may just take a chair and sit outside in the rays for a looooong time if it happens!
A couple of days ago I saw about an hour break in the weather and snuck outside and took some pictures. My kalanchoe fedtschenkoi is starting to bloom. This photo is kind of grainy because I zoomed in so much. I wanted to show you more details of what the individual buds and blooms look like.

Kalanchoe blooms

Here is one of the flower stalks from the kalanchoe. I like the color. Remember the kalanchoe flower blooms I showed you from the succulent house in South Pasadena, CA a few posts ago? Those were so bright pink. I wonder what kind they were? Next time I'm there I will go knock on the door again.

Starting to bloom

This is Aloe variegata Partridge Breast. I had this aloe planted in another location but when I looked at it a week ago it was halfway out of the dirt! So I relocated it right away and it seems really happy. First bloom stalk in a while! The last time it bloomed it had 3 beautiful bloom stalks. So we will have to see what happens this time. I love the spots on the outside of this one.

Not to exciting of a post for today. I think my next post will be the shots I took at Lowe's the last time I was there. The flowers were incredible and the sun was just right.
So for now:
It's Another Beautiful Day!



Teri C said...

Wowee, that kalanchoe is beautiful and amazing-looking. Thanks for the close-up. The Aloe is also so different and beautiful.
Love the plant in your header also.


Stephanie said...

The flowers of Kalanchoe is as 'succulent'. Love the plump buds and bright pretty blooms :-D

That aloe is really something! I have not seen such colour of an aloe before. Very unique!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thanks you guys! I will keep you updated on the flower stalk! HCM!

Diane AZ said...

Interesting kalanchoe and aloe varieties, very healthy looking, great pictures!

Succuland said...

Dear Candy, I love your kalanchoe flower and aloe vera!! These are just for HCM!!!:) Such a nice color on kalanchoe flower and stalk looks really great and quite pretty. Look forward to see your another shots.

Mandy said...

Love the blooms and the spotted aloe is a little gem!