Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weeds are beautiful too!

Pretty wild flowers

It wasn't until I started taking photos like a mad women that I realized the tiny beauty in the world. Through my lens I have discovered such amazingly gorgeous flowers and tiny things. This post is kind of a departure from my succulents but I wanted to show you what I have found. I don't know the name of all of them but if anybody knows let me know. A bunch of these flower shots were taken around the Folsom lake area. It's the closest largest lake near Sacramento, CA.

Purty purple flowers

I believe that these are called Lupine. I find it so facinating when I take pictures. I take lots and lots of the same thing from many different angles. The more photos I take the more chance that at least one will be amazing. Hopefully!

Yellow twins

I bet that people think I may be crazy jamming my camera into the weeds. But the tiniest flowers are so pretty. At first my husband Stan thought I was pretty silly until he saw the photos on my computer. Ha ha!

Crazy hooded weed flower

I found this interesting weed in the grass near the river at Coloma, California. We were visiting the place where gold was discovered and the gold rush started here in California. The name of this one is Claytonia perfoliata.

Burst of red!

This flower I found while we were hiking in the Sierra's with Stan and my best friend Lorna and her husband Dave. What a beautiful area!

Do You Believe In Magic

I think this is a type of clover. I love the little hairs on the stem and around the bottom. And pink isssss my favorite color.

California gold

California poppy


Wild Thistle

Wild white flower with bugs

Last but not least is this pretty white flower I found among the weeds. What I didn't realize until I saw it on my computer were the tiny bugs on this flower. Crazy how small they are. Cindy at Bug Safari will like this and maybe she can name them.

So I hope you enjoyed my foray into the world of weeds. Nothing exciting going on in Roseville lately except for the fog. It's been as thick as pea soup. Also my poor little Scout had to have 4 teeth pulled yesterday. She broke one in half and we thought it was going to be just the one but when he got in there he found she had some dental disease and had to pull 4. She even has stitches in her little mouth. Poor baby!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy!


Kathiesbirds said...

Candy, I am so glad you poke your lens into the weeds. What great shots! Love the ruffly white flower with the bugs crawling all over it! So refreshing to see while I have snow covering everything!

Cindy said...

Hi, Candy. I also love seeing the spring flowering weeds, I and know the names of some of them:

The yellow one at the top looks like a fiddleneck.

I agree with lupine for the purple.

#3 looks like a monkey flower (mimulus).

#4 is miners lettuce, one of my favorites :)

Orange one: don't know this.

Bottom pic: don't know the flower, but the tiny bugs look like variegated carpet beetles, which are actually a common indoor pest, as the larvae eat textile fibers such as wool. It's always nice to see such insects outdoors, eating what nature has provided for millenia before people came alone and provided them with other menu choices!

Joyful said...

Wow! Your photos are awesome. I'm afraid I am not good with names of flowers but I do know that I like them. You've captured the fragile beauty of these flowers so nicely.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thanks everybody!
Kathy yes it is fun to poke my lens in the weeds. You never know what you will find.

Awesome Cindy..I knew you would come up with a name. I am glad these are outside also. Yea that orange red one is pretty. Hopefully someone will have a name.

Thank you so much Joyful. I am so glad you are a new friend of mine!

Mandy said...

These are gorgeous...weeds or no weeds! You always get such great pictures!

Julie said...

Hi Candy! I knew Cindy would be an enormous help! I, too, love to take pics of weeds in our grass here. Some are amazing, and you have really found some exquisite looking ones...that white one at bottom is so gorgeous!!! Looks like it should be in a bridal bouquet, doesn't it???

Stephanie said...

Amazing pictures! Those tiny flowers are marvellous. I think I am like your hubby... will not think that those tiny flowers can be so pretty. I am sure your collection of these weeds will not stop here ;-) Have a great weekend!

Evelyn said...

Very beautiful weeds. Love the last pic especially.