Monday, January 31, 2011

Ouchie Cactus Monday and some pots!

Danger in the nite

Danger in the nite

Happy Cactus Monday everyone. This cactus is called Austrocylindropuntia subulata. Yeah I know really big name. I just call it the biggest most dangerous cactus I have. It has been raining a lot here lately and last night taking the garbage out I brushed up against it. The rain has soaked the ground so much that the plant has leaned toward the sidewalk. Ouch! Not a bad poke though! You can't tell from the picture but this plant is huge and some of the spines are about 4 inches long. So I took a flashed nite pic and this is what I got. Better than I thought it would turn out. So now I will have to prop this thing up somehow. Hmmmm!

On another note, yesterday I went to Sam's club. It was in the evening I was getting tired. But they had a whole bunch of amazing pots for sale. I couldn't believe the prices! Some were shaped very interesting. But this one was shaped like a huge fish. If you can imagine it was kind of bent in half with it's tail facing up and the body and face with mouth wide open facing up. The body and the mouth were the pot. It was the only one. But I was tired and it was heavy so I didn't get it. Last night I dreamed about it. I jumped out of bed this morning to go get it and a couple of others. Wouldn't you know that it was gone. I even had visualized a great place for it. I got the ones below and asked an employee if another Sam's had them.'s a road show??! But they would be back to replenish. Yeah! I will call everyday and when comes in I will have them hold one and go get it! Ahhh!


Here is the cool chicken I got! It cost about $21.50. Can't wait to plant it with succulents! This is a lesson on when you see something that awesome and cheap you better get it!

Great find!

This one cost about $19.50. It has a wire stand already attached. What a great deal. So I will be calling Sam's everyday until they come in. They are going to be so sick of me! LOL



donna said...

.....and some pots! At first, I read it to say.....and some pot! That's okay, it was still a fun post. lol

Austrocylindropuntia subulata, a really big name, a really big cactus with really big spines. Hope you get it propped up without being poked again.

Hope Sam's Club comes through for you and has another fish-shaped pot come in with your name on it.


Teri C said...

LOVE those pots!! They are made for cacti and succulents. Please show us when you get them planted. Love that 'ouch' cactus (and it's name). lol


Succuland said...

Dear Candy, at first need to tell you I love your pots. I can imagine how wonderful succulents will be looking in these pots!!
I should ask what is the story of Cactus Monday? Kisses

Margaret Ann said...

Love your plant capture with the water luscious and lush! Great pots too! Happy CActus Monday! :)

Julie said...

These are some really neat the hen! Can't wait to see the fish one when you get it! The cactus is so odd and unusual...I thought it was a euphorbia on first glance!!! is a spectacular specimen!!! Sorry about your poke!!! Happy CM!!!

Mandy said...

There's a reason I don't do the spikey ones, and this is it! Only I'd probably gouge my eye as I tripped into it!! It is very pretty though, so I hope you get it propped back up and our of your way. Love the pots...super cute...can't wait to see what you put in the chicken!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Ha ha Donna! I am glad you did a double take on my title! And yes everybody I think I may have to get Stan's help on this one. This plant is almost over my head! Crazy dangerous plant. One year it almost fell right on me because of the wet soil. I just happened to move my weed picking stool out from under about a minute before it fell.

Zeynep I will go to your blog and let you know about Cactus Monday!

Thanks everyone and I can't wait to show you the chicken also!

Kathiesbirds said...

You know, from the photo that cactus almost looks edible with all those juicy droplets of water on it! Sorry you missed out on the pot. I hope you find it again one day!

Joyful said...

Oooh, I like the pot in the bottom photo a lot. It looks like burnished metal.

Joyful said...

Oh I also love your photo. That raindrops on the green cactus really make it pop!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you so much. I love the pots too and guess what! I went back to Sam's club and found my fish. I also got a turtle pot too! I will post soon.