Wednesday, January 12, 2011

High Hand Nursery

High Hand planted truck

Since it is so cold and bleary all over the country I thought I would try to brighten up everyone's January. High Hand Nursery in Loomis, California is one of the most amazing nurseries in Northern California. I will probably do quite a few posts on this great nursery because over the last couple of years I have visited and taken photos there. I don't know the whole history of this nursery. But I have googled it and all I know is that it started as a fruit stand in 1901. It is by the railroad tracks and at one time I believe it was a fruit packing company. I will try to find out more for you on this great place.

Beauty by the coy pond

This is the coy pond near the entrance of the nursery. I love this area. Sitting all around are big cushy seats with big pillowed seats and backs. You can just sit under the beautiful tree and people watch and enjoy the coy pond and listen to the water coming down the little water fall. It is very relaxing. When my Dad and I go to this nursery we have lunch and afterward Dad settles himself down in one of these seats while I wander all over the nursery taking photos. Oh yeah the conservatory is a huge green house with three sides of the greenhouse being made into large glass garage type doors. These can be opened in great weather and tables are placed outside to allow for more customers. In the winter or cooler evenings they are closed and it is very comfortable.

The Conservatory at High Hand nursery

This is a photo looking into the Conservatory. It is really a beautiful place. You can see the sliding open doors in the back where the sun is shining through. I am also standing where one should be and there is another open one to my right. Behind me are two large brick and ceramic pizza ovens surrounded by a great counter and seating. You can sit and watch them make hand made pizza and people watch or check out the beautiful plants.

Succulent Bench

And Oh yeah they have some great succulents for sale and super displays like this one. They took this old rod iron bench and turned the seat into a great planter. Since this pic was taken I have gone back and it has spread out and is much filled in.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

When you wander out to the garden you are taken into another world. It's not just groups of potted plants bunched together. It's like a mini jungle but organized. Grouping of plants that look wonderful together sometimes surrounding outstanding sculptures such as this one. It reminded me of "Midnight in the Garden of Good Evil". Great movie if you haven't seen it. So on Flickr this is what I named it.

Blazzin Blossoms

Here is a shot of Rudbeckia that I took a while back. I know it's just one flower shot but I have a lot more to come. I promise, this is just a tease.

Talk to you soon and have a great week!


Mandy said...

I need that iron bench!! What a great idea and I love that they put a bit of everything in there! Your new picture up top is beautiful, I love that your Crassula Burgandy is still so pretty, mine is under protest right now!

Anonymous said...

Candy, this is amazing! I think when I make it out there someday, I need to go here! When you come to MN, it's not as fascinating as this place, but we'll take you to the Como Zoo Arboretum. It's like a jungle in there also. So cool!

Fickle Prickles said...

What an amazing nursey! I love their displays - what great ideas!!!

Julie said... are killin me here, girl!!! I have tears in my eyes looking at all the California goodness! Your banner area photo is exquisite and all your photos are reminding me of the two times I got to visit California! I left my heart not only in SF, but all of southern Ca! I pray I can visit many more times before I die!

Megan said...

I've heard about this place, looks amazing! We'll have to take a road trip sometime.

Julie said...

Oh...I started reading "Midnight in the Garden of Good Evil" when it first came out, and never finished it...I would love to see the movie! Thanks for mentioning it...will rent tomorrow when my grandkids go to their Dads house for two days!!!

Julie said...

Would you mind if I tried to do a pastel drawing of your banner plate of succulents??? I will show it only to you if it turns out terribly!!! LOL.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Super Julie that sounds great! I bet the picture will turn out great. Hey and tell me how you like the movie. I liked it. It is staring Jon Cusack. It also has a small role for Jude Law.

Megan that sounds great!

And thanks everyone for the lovin on the new blog top. Took that picture last summer or the one before, can't remember!

Julie said...

Well, I tried and it turned out a huge mess! I think I will draw out maybe just one plant and perfect it as best I can...will let you know if anything actually publishable comes about!!! :)

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Hey Julie! Just relax and try again. I know you can do it. Look at the photo then close your eyes and picture how you would draw it in your head first. You can do it!