Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Cactus Monday let's look at Crassula's

Happy Cactus Monday

I think that Crassula's are one of nature's greatest works of art. They come in so many different sizes and shapes. I have no idea how many kinds there are but quite a lot. Here are pictures of a few that I have or have had (boo hoo).

Crassula falcata

Crassula falcata

Crassula argentea Finger Jade (2)

Crassula argentea Finger Jade
I love this type of jade plant. The leaves are shaped kind of like a regular jade but are slightly curled. I have a lot of trouble with jade plants in the ground over winter. They can take a little cold but once it starts freezing they are pretty much done for.

Crassula adromiscus

Crassula adromiscus

Crassula's are propogated by leaf or stem cuttings. A lot of times you will just find little babies growing at the base of your plant because leaves have fallen down and rooted.

Crassula capitella ssp. thyrsiflora

One of my favorites but hard to keep alive Crassula capitella ssp. thyrsiflora. The next picture I post will be the flowers. So tiny and pretty. Can't seem to find the right conditions for this cool crassula.

Crassula capitella ssp. thyrsiflora flowering

Here's the flowers for you! Aren't they pretty!

Monanthes polyphylla, in family Crassulaceae

This is a plant in the crassula family. I am adding it cause the flowers are so cool. The next picture will show it. This one is called Monanthes polyphylla.

Crassula perforata

Crassula perforata

Crassula Springtime

Crassula springtime

Crassula perforata variegata

Crassula perforata variegata

Well that is all for now! I have a lot more so I will have to do a Crassula post #2.
Have a great week everyone!


Succuland said...

Hi Candy,

I enjoyed visiting your blog. I love your crassulas that they are looking wonderful. Nice growing!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you so much for the visit! I am glad you enjoyed!

Teri C said...

GEESH, you take the most gorgeous photos!!!!!!


ps, I looked for you on Facebook but can't find you.

Mandy said...

Love the crassulas!! They're all so sweet...the little Propeller Plants and Springtime are two of my favorites.

HCM...I actually forgot it was still Monday until I popped over!

Stephanie said...

Even the succulent leaves are pretty! You have a wonderful collection. I am intrigued by that formation of those triangular small leaves. They looked like 'stacked up' ;-)

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thanks everybody for the kudos! And Teri I'm under Candice Groth Suter on facebook!

Mandy said...

I meant to ask you, what is the little thistle looking one called? I've never seen one like that and it's adorable!The 'Sweetheart' you liked in my last post is a Hoya that I stumbled on and then someone gave me.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Hi Mandy! Which one is the thistle looking one? They all have names under them. I think you may be talking about the little alien looking one? Monanthes polyphylla Doesn't have crassula in it's name but it is in the crassula family.

Evelyn said...

Great pics. There seems to be so many types of sux under the "Crassula umbrealla", isn't there!