Monday, December 13, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Happy Cactus Monday

Ho Ho Ho!

Happy Cactus Monday everyone! Sorry I have been gone but have had a really bad cold. Yucky! You know you have a bad cold when you try and say banana and everyone laughs.

Oh well, It is good to be back again. I will be catching up with you all soon. This is looking out of my back sliding glass door. Succulents still looking good. Only had a couple days of hard freeze. Crossing my fingers. But I know that parts of the country are getting pounded with snow and cold. Just look at this picture and I hope you feel warmer! Everyone buckle up cause it's about 12 days till Christmas!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Punch-hole cloud formation

Punch cloud by Chuck Edwards

Yesterday in Roseville, CA we had a very strange cloud formation. Quite a few of my friends saw this and my good friend Chuck Edwards took this great picture of it. It is called a Punch-hole cloud. I googled it and saw some other pictures and videos of them forming. Very interesting!

Thought you might enjoy taking a look! Have a great Friday!