Friday, November 26, 2010

Succulents are running for cover it's hibernation time!

If you live in Northern California then you better put on an extra pair of nickers! Last week was beautiful and sunny. We were walking around with sweaters on and all of a sudden 2 days ago the temperature dropped to the 20's at night. Thank goodness Stan had gotten the garage all set up for me to bring in my succulents.



So he put up all the tables and made room. But I still did not think they would all fit. So all of a sudden a couple of days later Stan calls me from work and asked if I heard about the weather. Nope! He said it that there was a frost alert and that I needed to get all the plants in the garage. Oh and by the way.....I have to work late! Gulp! So I went outside and looked around!


As you can see my gazebo top is gone. This year it started to rip and rot. Then the first wind made big holes in it so we took it down. Have to buy a new one now. This is only about half the plants. There are about another 4th behind me in rolling planters and to my left are another bunch along with most of my smaller cactus pots. So I ran inside and got my two boys out of bed and asked for there help. Thank goodness Parker did not have to work. Since my back is still bad the boys had to do all the work. You could tell the weather was already changing cause it was already getting cold.


This is a view from my house looking inside my garage.

It's hibernation time!

Here's the same bunch looking outside in!

More hibernation!

Here is the other side of the jeep. I wish I could say that was it but no! A few more are in front of the jeep. And the rest I put close to the house and covered them with special cloth from Lowe's that protects from frost. Then I ran around after this was done and covered up my special planter areas in the ground. I ran out of frost cloth so I went running back to Lowe's. Of course everyone had the same idea and they were sold out. So the guy in the garden shop said I should get painters material drop cloths. Some sort of cheap tan material but it came in huge sizes. So I bought about 3 packs full. Ran home and cut, laid and anchored with rocks or empty metal tables. What a lot of work! So tonight is the 3rd night of freezing weather. I was hoping that it would be a mild winter. But my pink bower plants have already froze and turned brown. So you know I will lose some plants. Argggg!

Sure hope everyone is safe and warm! And I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


donna said...

Just reading this post and looking at the dozens and dozens of succulents that had to be toted into the garage has exhausted me. Now I'm feeling sort of lucky to be in zone 4. All I have to do is cut the plants down to the ground and wait until spring. lol

I'm sure your plants appreciate all your loving care. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


Cindy said...

Wow. This makes me appreciate how beautiful your plants are all the more, seeing how you take the extra steps to protect them from the cold. What a good plant mama!

Glad your sons are there to help you.

Julie said...

Oh, Candy...what a hUGE job! Your plants are so pretty...even in the garage!!! So glad your boys were there to help.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thanks everybody. They seem to be pretty snug. But they are still really cold. Not much I can do about that except maybe put up some massive lights......not!

Evelyn said...

Wow, lots of work and I hope all the plants will be ok.

I will have to think about putting mine under shade next winter. No, it doesn't get too cold (no snow or frost) but last winter the hale got to them.

origa-me said...

Saw your blog through Evelyn's blog. I really admire your dedication, I do not think I could grow succulents under those conditions. I live in NSW Australia near the coast and our weather is mild all year. However I do lose a few plants to humidity.
Good luck. Carole

Mandy said...

Your plants must feel loved! I'm going to look for that clothe you mentioned, I've got one huge pot that I can't move and it holds some of my favorites!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thanks for visiting Carole. I will check out your blog. This is the hardest time of year! Otherwise as you can see by my other pictures the conditions are perfect!

I hope you find the cloth Mandy. I should have taken a picture of it to add to the blog. I need to get more so I will try to post later!

seedlingsofexpression said...

Oh man, this makes me laugh, and I know I will have to store up that many plants some day as well. I'm already ready for spring to get here so that the plants can come out of hibernation!