Friday, September 10, 2010

Candy's Maui Vacation day 1

Woke up at 5:15. OMG yippee goin to Maui. No make up throw on cloths. Bags already packed and by 5:45 we are in the car on the way to airport. Eta 6:15. Stan drove me and we are meeting my sister Cindy her girlfriend Dee and my Dad at the airport. My Dad is 87 and he is already nervous about what is going to happen. This is a man that retired a Lt. Colonol from the Air Force after 31 years. But it has been probably over 20 years since he has been on a air plane. Thank goodness that there was no line and we got his shoes off and through security in no time flat. Yeah! Went to a gift store and bought two of those neck pillows (1 for me and 1 for Dad). Sat down for about 10 minutes and they were calling our flight! Yeehaw!

Daddy and I in first class

Daddy and I in first class! Check out the leg room!

Kids first and then first class. If you remember my Dad paid for 1st class hoping that we would both be more comfortable. Me and my back and Dad and his stiff legs. Even before everyone got on board they brought us glasses of ice water. Yes real glass! But guess what the darn chairs in first class only reclined 4 inches. OMG! It was we took Alaskan Airlines and they use a Boeing 737 to go to Hawaii. It is a smaller airplane. So I took both the neck pillows and put them in the small of my back. I had to sit for 5 hours on my spine with 2 ruptured vertebrae. I was in hell except for the cool tv/movie player and yummy food. Oh and 1 darvocette and Lydocaine patches on my back helped too. Thank goodness for them!

First class breakfast menu

So right away we get menu's for breakfast and actually have choices! Wow! I ordered the quiche. Here is a pic of the breakfast fruit and scone that came first. I was watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" on the digi player. Ha ha! We actually had real silverware! No plastic. And you always got a orchid on your tray.

First class breakfast

Maui from the air

We are finally flying over Maui! Hallelujah! I was never so glad to see someplace in my whole life. We finally land and it is about 10:30 Maui time! We cannot check in till 3:00. Since my Dad and I are in first class we get off first! Awesome! Got my sister and our luggage in record time. My nephew's plane flew in a half hour later. Yeah this is going great. Time to get the cars and go to condo area. But.......had to wait in line to get on a bus to take us to rental car building. Wait in line and when we get there it takes 1 hour to get our cars. I had to stand outside and watch our bags. Finally we get on the way and I get to lay my seat back. Forty five minutes to the condos!

Wow it was so incredible. What a beautiful place. But the hills were a bit brown. And you could see that there had been quite a few fires along side the road and up in the hills. Not like I remembered. I found out later they were in a drought and hadn't had there usually rainfall. Who knew? They aren't going to tell you that because they don't want the tourist trade to drop off.

We finally arrived at Maui Kaanapali Villas. And it is just as beautiful as I remember. Thank goodness we got to check in to one condo a bit early. So I got to rest a bit before we had lunch. So wonderful to lay on the lanai and look out over this gorgeous scene!

Lani looking to right

This is the grounds from upper condo looking to the right. Only two stories on the building!

Lanai looking to middle

The ground looking straight out on the pool and see the ocean in the back!

Lanai looking to left

Looking to the left from upper condo! That building is a bar restaurant!

Couldn't believe that we were finally there. Awesome! Went to the little restaurant that is in that building you see in the back of the bottom pic. We had a great lunch outside looking at the ocean. Saw the biggest spider that scared the wits out of me. I was sitting in a plant right by it. But had to stay quiet about it because my Dad is soooooooo scared of spiders I didn't want him to have a heart attack on the first day at Maui. I would have taken a pic it was so weird but did not want him to see. Cindy thought this was all pretty funny.

So we go back to the condo and I lay on the grass on my back and take the next picture. So beautiful here. We were very tired. Went inside our condos unpacked and relaxed until the next days adventures! Yeah.....we made it!



Purnima@a creative project said...

Beautiful!! Have lot of fun!!

Julie said...

Oh, thanks for the great photos and commentary! I think I could get used to 1st class, for sure!
Those pics of your hotal really are gorgeous...the sun is helping to show all those clear, cool colors,,,,beautiful!

Teri C said...

I LOVE seeing all these pix!!! Such a beautiful place.

Mandy said...

Gorgeous photos! Can't wait to see more!

Evelyn said...

Really pretty place. Glad you survived the flight.