Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Scout!

Scout is a Boston Terrier and she is about 6 years old. This little pumpkin is my constant companion. She follows me around like a little shadow. When I leave the house she goes into her little corner (that's what we call the place where she hides) and waits for me to come home. Then she acts like I have been gone for a week when I get back. I named her after the little girl Scout Finch in my favorite book "To Kill a Mockingbird". I have read this book at least 20 times during my life. I read the first book I owned so many times that it fell apart and I held it together with a rubber band.

When my Mom passed away about 7 years ago my sister and I waited a while and decided that my Dad (who is now 87) should have a companion. He had adopted an older Boston Terrier before but it only lived about a year. So he wanted another one. We found a reputable breeder locally and went to get the puppy. We were able to see the Mom & Dad and then the puppies. Only 2 girls were left. Scout who was back and white and another girl that was brindle and white. My Dad held Scout and she immediately started talking. Not cry but making strange talking noises. We fell in love. You get the we in that don't you. We brought her home and showed her to the family. At the time we had an old black lab named Diamond. I had always wanted a small dog but Stan said only one dog at a time. Shoot!!!! Dad took her home and they tried to settle in. He brought her to my house almost every other day for 2 weeks. I got more and more attached to her. One Saturday Dad came over and I was taking a nap. I came downstairs and he and Stan were sitting with Scout in his lap. Dad said,"I brought your dog home!" "What" I said. He told me that he had too hard a time taking care of her. She needs someone that can play with her and hear her when she wants to go out. Oh course I said yes and thanked him over and over. Stan said we planned this all along. Hee hee!

This is Scout and Me!

She is such a sweet thing. She is not much of a barker but she still talks to you quite often. They are the funniest little beeps, blurps and mini howls. She is a nut. She has been a great little company keeper during my back recuperation. Which by the way I set myself back a day or two by just going to the store with my son and walking around too much. Darn it! Thought I was ready for a short trip. Still can't sit upright for any length of time yet either.

My youngest son Parker loves to play with her!

And as you can see Stan has fallen for her too.

Diamond is gone now and we just have Scout. She is prematurely gray on her face. I think this is from my boys teasing her. But she is so great I would get another in a heart beat!


Julie said...

Awe! are such a sweetheart...your Momma and Daddy and brother love you so much! My goodness! You are so handsome too!

Tell your Mom that we passed through Greenville, Alabama, where the author of her favorite book lives! We went through the mock courtroom, and museum there. Do you know if she has ben there???

I was just thinking of reading the book...unless I read it in High School, I have only seen the movie!

Take care, Scout, you handsome thing you!!!

Cindy said...

She's very cute.
Several years ago, I had a special Boston Terrier collectible that I wanted to find a good home for, so I found an active BT message board and was able to find someone who would really appreciate him. Of course while I was visiting their forum, I read about all their dogs, and looked at their pictures. It almost made me want a BT, but my husband is not a fan of small dogs. (We have 2 labs.)

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

LOL thanks Julie Scout told me what you said but I have never been to Greenville, Alabama. I would have loved to visit the mock courtroom and museum. You should read it again. Every time I read it I felt like Scout. I was her.

I know what you mean Cindy. My husband and I have always had big dogs but I have always wanted a small one. Boston's are not like other small dog's. For one thing they are not yappy. That drives me crazy. They are easily house trained, which can be hard with a lot of small dogs. And they are very smart. She stays around the house without us having to tie her up and believe it or not she opens the screen door going in and out.

Abby Lanes said...

Congratulations! I adore Boston Terriers. She looks like a sweetheart!