Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet J. P.

Meet Jack the peacock. My husbands parents live in South Pasadena on the side of a hill facing the mountains. It's a beautiful home and the backyard drops off and gets kind of wild. They have had skunks visit, coyotes and these beautiful peacocks. There used to be three. Mom and Dad named them Manny, Moe & Jack. Manny and Moe stopped coming but Jack still pays visits! So I was sitting in there kitchen with my back towards the slider and there backyard and Stan whispers, "Candy turn around"! I stared at him in my darvocette haze (I hurt my back) and said what? Peacock! I turned and I was face to face with Jack on the other side of the glass. "Stan! Get my camera please!" I whispered really loud. I slowly opened the slider and he wanted some peanuts. So we threw some out. Yummy! He is very photogenic!

I'm so pretty!

All of a sudden Jack spun around and flared out his tail fully! He started shaking it and it sounded like a rattle snakes tail. It was amazing! A little kitty was walking across there backyard and Jack was showing his stuff to scare it away! The 1st shot was my first view!

Does my tail make my butt look big?

If it weren't for the post this shot would be awesome!

Guarding the diet coke.

After all the excitement was over and Jack put down his feathers (I have a ton of those pictures but the post would be miles long) he decided to take a rest on the cool cement.

Eyes on my back

The End!


kclily said...

These photos are great. I especially like the eyes on the back. Thanks for sharing.

Mandy said...

These pictures are great...when they fan out their feathers, it's nothing short of majestic!

Julie said...

WOW...what a bird!!!!! Gorgeous!!!! said...

Beautiful pictures, I love peacocks :) I really like that stone owl on he patio!

North said...

WOW! I was watching CBS Sunday morning not so long ago, and there was a segment on all of the wild peacocks that are running around neighborhoods in CA. So pretty, thanks for posting! Do you get many peacock visitors? They're pretty fast for such big birds

seedlingsofexpression said...

WOW how lucky your are to have seen and been able to take pictures of the peacock! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, I'm glad I got to see yours I've really enjoyed it!