Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Cactus Monday everyone!

I saw this pretty little succulent flower and wanted to get a shot of it. It was turned down so I took my yellow gardening gloves and held it very gently. With the other hand I took my camera and took the macro shot. Took me a few times to get a shot that was not blurred but it was worth it. Enjoy and have a great Monday!

Happy Cactus Monday!


Teri C said...

Awesome little beauty!! Like the gloves too lol


Julie said...

What a beautiful little flower, Candy! I know what you mean about having to keep trying to focus in on something like this...but once you do...stand back!!! :)

Happy Cactus Monday!

soulbrush said...

wondered what the yellow was at first, great shot, great cactus

Diana said...

Hi Candy,
Thank you for your visit to my little corner of the world. Love your cactus garden. Your pics are great. I'm really working on my
photography skills.
Have a awesome day.

Purnima@a creative project said...

very cute and sweet flower!!

Noelle said...

Oh, I will never tire of seeing a beautiful cactus flower :-)